Tuesday, March 15, 2022

~Law of Attraction~


Everyday from the time we wake up to the time we fall asleep at night we are
bombarded with bad thoughts, worries, fears and sometime hopelessness.
Our brains have been wired over the centuries to live in the worst possible
scenario we can envision...we are programmed to think the worst.
Have you ever noticed when you feel depressed or something happens and 
you tell yourself it's a bad day...the rest of your day IS bad? That's
because you set that intention and you attracted bad energy from that 
point forward. You created that bad day by focusing your 
energies in that direction. It could have easily been a great day if that was
what you chose instead.
It's not just positive or negative energy, our spiritual energy is so powerful
we can manifest things into being. Have you ever thought about something
or someone and then you see it or hear from that person shortly afterwards?
There are no coincidences, you brought that person or object into
your life just by focusing on it or them. 
I have a little example of this in my  past that taught me that I should have better control my thoughts.
One summer I had these uncontrollable thoughts of snakes in our screened porch. I was so paranoid because 
sometimes we would leave our screen door open. Despite not seeing any snakes on our property for 
years, all I could think of that summer was  snakes in the screen porch. After thinking about this for 
months, it finally happened ...twice!! We had  two separate incidences of finding a snake
inside the porch. It  definitely scared me to no end when it happened.  I thought to myself, my psychic abilities are through the roof!!! But then I began to think of all the paranoia I had put myself through the year before
and it came together...my constant thoughts of snakes in the porch had created 
exactly what I had feared!! Thoughts are powerful and I no longer think of snakes!!!!
I haven't seen one since then either...
We have the power to attract whatever we want into our lives. Positive energy and
thoughts will deliver a happy and prosperous life. What we think...we become...
we live... we experience. Keep your spirits up and your frequency and vibration high!
~Blessed Be~

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TheCrankyCrow said...

You are so very, very, right... It was a lesson I learned the hard way. And while there is still sometimes a struggle to "remember" and focus that energy into the positive zone, life becomes a good bit easier when one does. You are also correct: There are no coincidences. ~Robin~