Monday, March 28, 2022

~ Discernment ~

 Decisions are always being  placed in our path...Some are
small and inconsequential  and some are major and life-changing.
When faced with a decision, it is always best to take a deep
breath and follow your gut...Your mind has given you the logical
and rational facts ... Your heart has given you it's emotional
input and flooded you with feelings...Now you must rely on your gut
to show you the right decision to make.
The gut is the least talked about  part of  the anatomy. It's never
glamourized or held in esteem but it is the one body part that, in my
opinion, connects our  logic and emotions together. We can physically 
feel our stomach "drop" in scary situations and become nauseated when we are
affected by great trauma. Esoterically, the gut is the
home of our intuition and discernment.
We have all been programmed to overlook thoughts of fight, flight or fancy
and to  dismiss what our gut / intuition is telling us and to look for the logical solution. 
 Second guessing  is more
common than following feelings and  intuition. Ultimately, our "brain" 
gets us into pits and quagmires as we over-think simple or
not so simple decisions. Instead, let your heart and
intuition steer you in the direction that you need to go. Tune into the
Universe as it guides you where you should be.
We all have free will in our discernment also. This means that you 
have the  sovereign right to believe what you believe. We all see things
differently and relate to things in a uniquely  different manner. We are 
trained to think as individuals but our strength ultimately lies in our unity
and our divinity. We are slowly awakening (wwg1wga).
As we move into higher frequencies on this planet, we will be experiencing
these esoterically dormant abilities... intuition, telepathy, manifestation... Open yourself
up to these spiritual tools , they are present ...  just napping. Awaken and strengthen
these skills early... Rely on  your heart and your gut feelings when  making
 a decision. To thine own heart (and gut) be true!!!
~Blessed Be~


TheCrankyCrow said...

I almost as if I should tell you to bill me and book an appointment for next week. LOL Another spot-on post Tina. It took me a long, long, time (most of my lifetime in fact) but I have finally figured out that there is a huge battle going on inside of me as I have always been very much "in tune" with my "spiritual" self, but also have an uncanny way of getting trapped in that quagmire of overthinking you mentioned. Only relatively recently have I been able to recognize and, to some extent, press mute on that rational side of me. WWG1WGA...the best is yet to come. ~Robin~

The Burlap Owl said...

What's ahead of us is Biblical ~ Be Prepared ~ Heart & Soul