Wednesday, September 14, 2022

~ Paradigm Shift ~


                              Our perceptions get us through  life. How we

reason and comprehend the information that we receive affects the decisions

that we make and the people that we spend our time with. Information is spoon fed to

us everyday... but is it the right information? The rat race and the hamster wheel

seem to flow in the same direction... think this...take this... do that...respond quickly...

just do it!!  But when you no longer believe the information that you hear

or you feel a need to research and challenge what you once believed and trusted,

you may feel a little discombobulated and lost.  There's a little

bit of a lonely feeling when you can no longer  find your place in

the crowd... But why would you want to be part of the "crowd"?

 Stay strong and go with the flow because

the universe has given you a wonderful gift...a paradigm shift!


A paradigm shift in your thoughts and your belief system is

the gift of free thinking. You no longer see issues or people

in the same light that you once did and that is a very good thing

because you are no longer on auto-pilot. Instead, the universe

has flipped on your "go switch".  You are now

open to receive positive guidance and  new thoughts and ideas will

spontaneously be downloaded from above. When you are in tune with

 the universe you have random thoughts that make things clearer and open

your eyes when necessary. Releasing your old  fears, worries and anxieties 

leaves a void that is filled with truth, light and unconditional love. However,

you must accept this gift and welcome it because the universe will not

interfere with your free will. It is always your decision.


 If this shift  has happened to you, take it as

a confirmation that you are on the right track. You are awakening

to a whole new world that you never knew existed!

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Sunday, August 28, 2022

~ Spells~


    We live in a magical world where spells are cast
upon us everyday...We are innocent and unaware
of the sheer magic of the spoken words that bombard
us on a daily basis. The radio and television(tell-a-vision) were designed
to en-trance and entrap us into un-mindful oblivion. Those
cute little commercial jingles hold more power in the subconscious mind 
than we can fathom. When you find yourself constantly
repeating a little catch phrase in a commercial over and over
again ~ you are giving the spell more power. I always 
think of the Sanderson sisters in Hocus Pocus and the spell
they put on the crowd who were innocently repeating every word that
they were  told.. These tricks are often right in front of you ~
if you only open your eyes. Keep in mind, Evil will always tell you
what it is doing. It is not as evolved as we are.
 Concurrently, our songs on the radio
emit a very harmful frequency that can lead to depression and
suicide. Our standard is 440 hertz. The United States
adopted this in 1935...changing  melodies and piano keys.
It became adopted worldwide in 1953.  A healing and 
easier uplifting frequency to listen to is 432 hertz which
is connected with nature. It's relaxing and soothing and
can decrease blood pressure as a result.
 This information can easily
be found online.
No wonder why a long day of television or the radio creates
lethargy and/or a headache... Those subliminal messages
are silently attacking your psyche and controlling your
thoughts and moods. Fresh air always seems
to clear the mind.
Be aware of what you say also  because you project a high
or low frequency and can influence those around you with 
your own words. More importantly, be aware of what
you are listening to and repeating. The spells that
are being cast upon society are spells to repress
our creativity and to suppress our minds. The
best solution would be to turn off the television(tell-a-vision) and the radio.
We are an incredible creation and unlike other species, we
carry the "God spark"... We have a fully developed
mind, heart and soul &  are sovereign beings capable of 
reasoning and free will. However, we are very compassionate
and trusting...and we forget that evil exists. For where
there is light...there is also darkness.
Take heed and beware ~ raise your frequency (positive words)
and take your power back!


Tuesday, August 16, 2022

~ Stay Positive ~


                       When things don't go your way ~ stay positive.
When things don't go as planned ~ stay positive ~  You were never in
charge anyway!  When people don't treat you the 
way that you think they should ~  stay positive ~
they are dealing with their own problems.   Remain
in your positive space when it feels as if all is
crumbling around you. 
We carry a lot of worry, fear and sorrow in our mind. Find
time every morning and evening to center yourself and clear
your mind of the clutter that it collects every day. 
Let your emotions flow through you...Releasing  negative
energy opens up space for positive energy  to flow in...
A good cry, when needed, is an energy release.
We live in  very special times & Time always brings changes.
Open your heart to those changes and always
look forward...Never give up!




Wednesday, August 10, 2022

~ Tabitha~

 * We met unexpectedly one day when I had to make a quick stop
 in Petsmart.. I wasn't looking for a new friend but there you were. You
were excited to see me too because you were climbing your cage and
meowing trying to catch my eye and get my attention. Once I saw you,
you stayed on my mind the entire day until I could go back and meet you
at your scheduled viewing time. I could do nothing but think of you!

* Once I held you there was no question in my mind about bringing
you home with me. We bonded and you became my sunshine on my
darkest days and my warmth when life was cruel and cold. You knew how
to quiet my pain and worry and fill my heart with your unconditional love.


*You have been by my side for the last ten years...following me into
every room and beaming your love every day...Your little chirpy meows
have kept me comforted and I have always wanted you happy...

I would do anything for you.


*You left me unexpectedly. I thought that we had more time were still young...I tried to help you any way that I could...
Money was no object...I wanted you to stay with me. Your illness progressed
and there was nothing that I could do to stop it so that you could stay with me.
Losing you has put a big hole in my heart and it will take time to mend it.
I wish you were still here because you were truly an angel. 

You are with your angels. I love you.

                                                              TABITHA (2012-2022)

Tuesday, June 21, 2022




Our greatest gift is today ~ Don't dwell on what 

happened yesterday  ~  Don't plan what you will do tomorrow.

Live each day in the where you are...focus on who is talking to you...

look at the tree in your backyard or neighborhood...Feel the breeze

touch your face... See the birds fly by your window.

Live each day in the present...because it is one!

~Blessed Be~