Monday, January 16, 2023

~ Be Feral ~


To be born a feral cat would be a wondrous thing...

You would have the innate ability to discern your situation and make a split 

second life or death decision or follow your instincts as they

lead you into new scenarios whilst always having an escape plan in 

the works. Your life would be fluid and you would live by your intuition, never second- guessing your

decisions. You would continually be free-thinking everything!


Cats do not give their power away or look for anybody's approval. They

know what they want and they focus on it until they get it. 

Also, cats never forget...if they see it and want it and you don't want them to have it...

you had better move it!! They won't give up!


Cats are on a higher frequency level than humans. They see and sense things that

we cannot... They are free spirits and they handle issues and move on without worry... All perfect reasons why

we should try to adapt some of their philosophies into our life:

~ Be independent- don't follow the crowd

~Believe what your gut tells you and not what you see

~ Be a free thinker, there's more than one solution to every problem

~ Be true to yourself & follow your inner core beliefs

~ Size up situations & research before you make decisions

~ Don't be docile & give your power or trust away

~ Focus, focus on what you want & go for it


~ Blessed Be ~

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

~ Intentions ~


                                                                           Intentions are positive affirmations we  put into the universe through our thoughts and/or words. They are our dreams and what we would like to have in our life. 
They reflect our needs such as finances, health and well-being. They
can also reflect our good thoughts toward others and our
wish for their well-being. They are the foundation to our manifestations
because they are the very first step...You must
think it and create it to see it come to fruition. While new moons are 
a good time to set intentions, a daily practice of  shifting your
internal energy into positive thoughts helps raise your frequency
and ease your worries.
Set your intentions in the present tense to create a flow
of positivity into your day. You can start your intentions
"I am welcoming in abundance to my life today"
" I am welcoming in peace and happiness to my life today"

(Intentions can be repeated throughout the day)

Bring positivity into your life and wait for the universe to reward
you as it feels ~ when the time is right. Intentions help
 channel your energy into cheerful thoughts and
optimistic outcomes. This is a wonderful routine to begin
in the new year...Focus on good
things to come into your life...everyday.  
It's hard to be negative when you
are being positive.

~ Blessed Be ~

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

~ Shadows ~


                                            Ghosts are with us all the time. They
are the intangible spider webs that weave through
our mind creating worry and stress in our everyday  life.
When you constantly think about past events or find yourself having
mindful conversations with 
people who are not with you...your shadow is at play.
They constantly replay their message like a residual ghost
trapped in time. Sadness, regret, worry and
melancholy become woven into your life.
When you find yourself dwelling on the past or
the emotions of events start to plague you. 
Experience them and let them flow through you.
Verbally release them and tell them they are
not welcome. Rid yourself of these unwanted
thoughts and conversations. You have your free will to
absolve their grip on you  and to  create a much
more peaceful and happy life for yourself.
Leave the past in the life in the present!

~Blessed Be~


Wednesday, October 19, 2022

~ Soul Tribe ~

 You are a beacon of light and the frequency that
you emit attracts others of like mind to you. This is why
a stranger in a crowded room suddenly makes eye contact with you and inches
toward you to strike up a conversation. There's
an instant connection or ease even if you
have never met before. It explains  why your
favorite group to hang out with makes you feel
relaxed and comfortable. You are in sync with their
vibrations and frequency. It also explains why
a friendly conversation at the grocery store with a stranger
can leave you feeling happy for the rest of the day. We don't
need to know the person to connect at the same frequency level
and the universe puts us together when we need that extra
boost in frequency and to recharge our spirit. 
 A good attitude about life and  a positive outlook makes
all the difference in this world. We have a limited time
here and we have a choice between happiness or depression. 
 Your mind is more powerful than you know and
your thoughts and words do make a difference. 
Attract a higher frequency by keeping your frequency high.
Stay in love and light & reject worry and fear.
I found this on an internet meme and thought that it applies perfectly:
Attract what you expect
Reflect what you desire
Become what you respect
Mirror what you admire

~Blessed Be~

Sunday, October 9, 2022

~ Sacred Space~


                                    Fall is here. The sun is getting weaker
and the days are growing shorter and darker. Mother Nature is preparing
flora and fauna for a much deserved nap & slowly  tucking the Earth in for a 
short sleep to recharge and to renew.  Squirrels are foraging
and burying their bits of food for a long winters feast while some animals
are preparing for hibernation.
Trees are dropping their leaves and spreading a blanket of warmth
on the ground below, protecting the new shoots
of growth that will begin in the Spring. Birds are migrating to a warmer
climate as Father Time brings us to the close of another 
season and Mother Earth begins her slumber and prepares for a new
circle around the sun once again.
As nature prepares for her quiet introspection and rest, the long nights of winter will soon
overtake us all. We too must take care of ourselves and prepare for 
our own inward journey. A time to center and ground & rejuvenate our soul.
A time to rest and restore our spirit ~  our own hibernation of sorts...
as we travel from light to dark and back to light again...
Wisdom is a long journey that the soul is perpetually get used
to the long, winding  road ahead!
Just as nature finds it's
comfort zone to battle the
long cold months ahead , we must also find our own comfort zone
to quiet the mind and to cope with life and it's changing seasons.
 A sacred space or place 
where we feel peace and comfort...
a favorite chair, a walk in the
woods, the beach, the mountains, a favorite spot,
 a place where we feel safe.  Finding daily solitude
to stop and reflect on and release random thoughts and  events to are
needed to center the soul and unwind. Find your sacred space
and let it become your sanctuary.

~ Blessed Be~