Sunday, August 27, 2023

~ Be the Light~


Now is the time to stand in your truth and be the light!
You don't have to comply with group thinking or mass
hysteria. They are old traps to trigger your fear and obedience.
Tune into your higher frequency and refuse to be afraid of
the latest hype on the airwaves. Turn off the tell-a-vision!
Remember that your thoughts and words are very
powerful. You determine how your day will be just by 
thinking about it. If your thoughts are filled 
with fear and worry, you will have a depressing day. Likewise,
if you are positive and  optimistic, your day will be
a happy and productive one. So don't give
the latest fear tactic validity by believing it is true.
You have the power to destroy the narrative...period!
Be Skeptical...Research(if you must) ... Refuse...Resist!
Don't willingly give
up your power to people who are losing control
of you. Fear is their tried & true weapon. You are so much more powerful
than they and they are fully aware of that! When
you turn on the light, the cockroaches scatter! 
Turn on your light &
Raise your frequency!

~ So Be It~

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

~ Stay Neutral ~


As we shift from darkness to light...stay neutral. There will be many 
upsetting revelations that will be brought to light. So many truths were 
hidden in darkness and so many lies were presented as truths. The world
and reality that we live in are not at all what was is much more
sinister. The universe is  righting the wrong and Gaia is cleansing herself
of the darkness that once permeated her body. We are in the birthing
pains now of a new life ~ a higher frequency.

Stay neutral... Don't get involved with the disruptions and chaos. The dark
will try to tempt you with it's injustice and  misconceptions. Don't let
the destruction and decay around you pull you in...stay neutral and 
distance yourself from it's lure. Your soul is a prize for the dark. Your
consent and participation in it's causes will be your sovereign choice.

As bad institutions begin to crumble and reality becomes more obvious...
Find your internal strength... Stay neutral and stay strong. The forces of 
good are in control now. Good will replace the bad. Keep your 
frequency high. You are a sovereign being blessed with free will.
All you need do is ask for assistance from above when your will is
being tested. Stay neutral and shine your light. You are here
to witness great things and be a part of  a biblical revolution.
IAM strong.
IAM love.
IAM  light.

~ So Be It ~

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

~ Introspection ~


Most are born into this world and never find out who they are...
They are told by their parents and society what they
like and  what they think about matters .. and they accept this.
It's easier to be compliant instead of doing the work to 
find out just what makes your soul  tick .Go to college,
go to work ... study more for a second degree (in something)...
get married...start a family...grow old ...die. This is the
life pattern that we have all been given. Always consumed by being
busy and unaware ~then sadly, death...Only to repeat it all again if you
believe in karma.
Who are you? Do you really know? Finding out who you really are
requires connecting with your soul. Start refusing the crowd for solitude
and deep introspection. Be alone with yourself. Immerse yourself in quietness
and let your mind wander. Meditation is not required for this. Be present
with yourself and go with the flow of your thoughts... just be still.{ Because
we have a monkey mind, it may try to steer us off track by putting fear
and worry into our thoughts...Self- sabotage is it's forte. This is when you have the
free will and the sovereignty (even in your thoughts) to stop it...Just say
"Stop-you are not welcome here" repeatedly until you regain your peace
 and positive flow. 
Once you establish full power over your thoughts by taking control of the sabotage that
your mind (or AI)  attempts ~  they will disappear.}
As you slow down your pace and begin to flow with your thoughts, you
will start to feel more at peace with yourself and your surroundings. You 
will know yourself well enough to let the little things go and focus on what 
truly makes you happy. Make time for yourself daily because you are the
most important thing in your life. Sit still and just be quiet... Listen inside to what
you have to say... Your thought conversation will guide you to your
heart and your soul.
I AM Peace.
I AM Love.
~ Blessed Be ~

Thursday, May 11, 2023

~ Talisman ~

A talisman is an object  with a set intent to bring a desired
outcome to the owner such as protection, blessings and abundance.
Talisman are often small objects like specific runes, jewelry, sigils
or natural objects like acorns, shells or crystals. This is all based on 
preference and personal connection to the object. They can be
carried  around or placed in areas that you frequent
so that you can stop and center your thoughts and  positive
Using a talisman is a good way to strengthen your focus and  intention
towards a particular dream or blessing. Seeing it or touching it
reinforces your dreams and inspirations. It helps to manifest the
outcome that you desire by calming your mind and emotions and
helping you to center your energy in a particular direction. However,
as with all things, there is never a guarantee of the outcome that you
are requesting. But flowing positive energy towards a cause helps
to stay grounded and prepared to handle whatever lesson that the 
universe wishes you to experience.
To increase your vibe and keep your frequency at a higher level, positive
thoughts, intentions and  energy  for yourself and others should always
be the rule of thumb. Radiate from the heart with unconditional love that
is pure and unrestricted.  Talismans, as with everything, can be used
for good or bad. They are subject to the users discretion.  
 Always remember the threefold rule: Whatever you
put out into the universe returns to you threefold!
~ Blessed Be~ 


Wednesday, March 29, 2023

~ Change ~


Death is one of the most feared and misunderstood cards in the tarot deck.
When it shows up in a reading, there is always a feeling of dread and
doom. It is taken literally and strikes the soul with a feeling of
impending mortality. However, if you read up on the cards meaning, you will
find hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. Death is a transformation card...
A card of rebirth, renewal and reform.
Death is transfiguration and change. Nothing stays the same. We must flow through events and happenings
in life in order to start new chapters. Every minute detail in every persons life 
changes each day. Sometimes these changes are so subtle that they are not 
seen or felt until we are blindsided all at once...and sometimes we know that we
are facing a change in life and there is time to prepare emotionally and 
spiritually for that change. 
Responding to these changes from the heart and not the mind channels 
a flow of love energy throughout your whole being. When you bring your
heart energy into the solution and quiet your monkey mind, you 
surrender to change with peace and serenity. Your instincts kick in and your
mind chatter is irrelevant. Stay in a higher vibration and flow
unconditional and unrestricted love energy. Let your heart lead the way
to that light at the end of the tunnel.
I AM love and light.

~ Blessed Be ~