Tuesday, May 10, 2022



                                      Live your life in Grace:

~ State your intentions each morning in your prayers & follow through

~ Accept the good each day with humility

~  Accept the bad each day with humility

~ Find good in yourself ~ You deserve it

~ Find good in others ~ They deserve it

~  Forgive yourself & let it go

~ Forgive others & let it go

~ Live each day with gratitude

~ Be confident in yourself and your choices

~  Help those who need help but won't ask ...  and those who do!

~ Smile every day 

~ Give thanks before you sleep each night for the wonderful day you had


Monday, March 28, 2022

~ Discernment ~

 Decisions are always being  placed in our path...Some are
small and inconsequential  and some are major and life-changing.
When faced with a decision, it is always best to take a deep
breath and follow your gut...Your mind has given you the logical
and rational facts ... Your heart has given you it's emotional
input and flooded you with feelings...Now you must rely on your gut
to show you the right decision to make.
The gut is the least talked about  part of  the anatomy. It's never
glamourized or held in esteem but it is the one body part that, in my
opinion, connects our  logic and emotions together. We can physically 
feel our stomach "drop" in scary situations and become nauseated when we are
affected by great trauma. Esoterically, the gut is the
home of our intuition and discernment.
We have all been programmed to overlook thoughts of fight, flight or fancy
and to  dismiss what our gut / intuition is telling us and to look for the logical solution. 
 Second guessing  is more
common than following feelings and  intuition. Ultimately, our "brain" 
gets us into pits and quagmires as we over-think simple or
not so simple decisions. Instead, let your heart and
intuition steer you in the direction that you need to go. Tune into the
Universe as it guides you where you should be.
We all have free will in our discernment also. This means that you 
have the  sovereign right to believe what you believe. We all see things
differently and relate to things in a uniquely  different manner. We are 
trained to think as individuals but our strength ultimately lies in our unity
and our divinity. We are slowly awakening (wwg1wga).
As we move into higher frequencies on this planet, we will be experiencing
these esoterically dormant abilities... intuition, telepathy, manifestation... Open yourself
up to these spiritual tools , they are present ...  just napping. Awaken and strengthen
these skills early... Rely on  your heart and your gut feelings when  making
 a decision. To thine own heart (and gut) be true!!!
~Blessed Be~

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

~Law of Attraction~


Everyday from the time we wake up to the time we fall asleep at night we are
bombarded with bad thoughts, worries, fears and sometime hopelessness.
Our brains have been wired over the centuries to live in the worst possible
scenario we can envision...we are programmed to think the worst.
Have you ever noticed when you feel depressed or something happens and 
you tell yourself it's a bad day...the rest of your day IS bad? That's
because you set that intention and you attracted bad energy from that 
point forward. You created that bad day by focusing your 
energies in that direction. It could have easily been a great day if that was
what you chose instead.
It's not just positive or negative energy, our spiritual energy is so powerful
we can manifest things into being. Have you ever thought about something
or someone and then you see it or hear from that person shortly afterwards?
There are no coincidences, you brought that person or object into
your life just by focusing on it or them. 
I have a little example of this in my  past that taught me that I should have better control my thoughts.
One summer I had these uncontrollable thoughts of snakes in our screened porch. I was so paranoid because 
sometimes we would leave our screen door open. Despite not seeing any snakes on our property for 
years, all I could think of that summer was  snakes in the screen porch. After thinking about this for 
months, it finally happened ...twice!! We had  two separate incidences of finding a snake
inside the porch. It  definitely scared me to no end when it happened.  I thought to myself, my psychic abilities are through the roof!!! But then I began to think of all the paranoia I had put myself through the year before
and it came together...my constant thoughts of snakes in the porch had created 
exactly what I had feared!! Thoughts are powerful and I no longer think of snakes!!!!
I haven't seen one since then either...
We have the power to attract whatever we want into our lives. Positive energy and
thoughts will deliver a happy and prosperous life. What we think...we become...
we live... we experience. Keep your spirits up and your frequency and vibration high!
~Blessed Be~

Saturday, February 26, 2022

~ Balance~


Meditation  is an important step that you can take towards connecting with your inner self and insightfully gaining access to  inner peace & wisdom. Most of us are wise old souls who have forgotten our roots. Daily meditation  helps to find those roots and spread them out into the universe to attract what is needed in life.
Sometimes the  subconscious mind stealthily does what the conscious mind won't do ~   Go within to deal with the outside world.
Find a quiet place to sit and relax everyday. Sit outside in the morning or evening  or just in a favorite comfy  chair... Close your eyes and let your mind focus on your breath  as you breathe in and out...pay close attention to each inhale and each exhale. The goal here, while you are doing this, is to clear your mind and quiet the "monkey mind" that we all have...Don't let your mind start chattering and telling you all that you have to do or instill fear and worry inside and ruin your peace. Stop the chatter and re-center  as many times as you need to  or want to... Meditating takes devoted  practice and patience to achieve. We are all lifetime students in this life...  Even the most practiced have trouble silencing the over active mind from time to time. It is just something that you have to stick with and continue to persevere. Each time you do this, you master your thought patterns a little more and quiet that monkey mind. Eventually you will feel so elated when you are successful in clearing your mind and fully relaxing for extended periods of time. Let your subconscious mind enlighten your conscious mind for a welcomed change.
Open your heart and mind and your eyes will surely open too.... Don't accept what you are told to believe or fear as the truth. Fear lowers your vibration and attracts more negativity into your life. Fear also hinders your ability to progress. Stay positive and learn, learn, learn... Think outside your box... Be a rebel!!!  The old & ancient ways are patiently calling ~ A spiritual person is not a crazy person ~ A mind that is open and in step with the universe is more wise than one that is closed to the thought of  new ideas and new ways. Think your own thoughts.
This personal journey   has brought meditation and grounding practices into my life ( and much more). Taking life one day at a time and living in the present is also key... There is so much to out there to know and to learn...Praying involves  sending out messages while meditating opens  the mind up to receiving messages.... Practicing both each day strikes a good balance. 
~ Blessed Be~


Monday, February 14, 2022

~ Oracle ~


                  As time speeds up and we are thrown into this exciting
unchartered world of changes, we need to find ourselves once more.  Our time here on Earth is truly unique
and we are programmed throughout our whole existence  to think a certain way and to act  in an
appropriately supervised and acceptable way. We are guided away from our natural abilities and told
that they are wrong or evil. Instead, we are steered in a direction that silences our hearts and souls to keep
us in line with predetermined group think.
 Our saving grace is our gift of free will that is granted to each and every one of us. We have a choice &
we can decide for ourselves if we want to follow the herd or think and act independently. The old and ancient
ways are buried deep within our souls and it was what we followed before the programming began.
Everything we need to nourish and heal our bodies grows naturally on this planet. Herbs, vitamins and minerals were given to us to restore our mind, body and spirit. Unfortunately, these natural cures have been demonized and chemical cocktails have been promoted as the cure. Cleverly, they were really designed to throw the body chemistry haywire and create a more dire situation...Plus a frightening dependency on them, once taken,  in order to live. You always have the choice to take the natural path and trust nature and your miraculous self-healing body. It's in your DNA ~  but you have to decide.
Our hearts and souls are connected to our Creator. We are all spiritual beings and we are all equal. Division by race and creed was man made and designed to separate and conquer our soul essence. Trust your intuition and talk directly to Spirit. Religion was  man-made and the shepherd and sheep images that churches use should tell you everything.  Priests, preachers, and clergy do not have an inside track to our Creator. Do not follow false idols. You are more powerful than you know.
Spend quiet time to meditate and search deep inside your soul. Question the system and the rules. We are all sovereign beings and we should not give our sovereignty away so freely or so quickly. 
~Trust in the old ways~