Saturday, February 26, 2022

~ Balance~


Meditation  is an important step that you can take towards connecting with your inner self and insightfully gaining access to  inner peace & wisdom. Most of us are wise old souls who have forgotten our roots. Daily meditation  helps to find those roots and spread them out into the universe to attract what is needed in life.
Sometimes the  subconscious mind stealthily does what the conscious mind won't do ~   Go within to deal with the outside world.
Find a quiet place to sit and relax everyday. Sit outside in the morning or evening  or just in a favorite comfy  chair... Close your eyes and let your mind focus on your breath  as you breathe in and close attention to each inhale and each exhale. The goal here, while you are doing this, is to clear your mind and quiet the "monkey mind" that we all have...Don't let your mind start chattering and telling you all that you have to do or instill fear and worry inside and ruin your peace. Stop the chatter and re-center  as many times as you need to  or want to... Meditating takes devoted  practice and patience to achieve. We are all lifetime students in this life...  Even the most practiced have trouble silencing the over active mind from time to time. It is just something that you have to stick with and continue to persevere. Each time you do this, you master your thought patterns a little more and quiet that monkey mind. Eventually you will feel so elated when you are successful in clearing your mind and fully relaxing for extended periods of time. Let your subconscious mind enlighten your conscious mind for a welcomed change.
Open your heart and mind and your eyes will surely open too.... Don't accept what you are told to believe or fear as the truth. Fear lowers your vibration and attracts more negativity into your life. Fear also hinders your ability to progress. Stay positive and learn, learn, learn... Think outside your box... Be a rebel!!!  The old & ancient ways are patiently calling ~ A spiritual person is not a crazy person ~ A mind that is open and in step with the universe is more wise than one that is closed to the thought of  new ideas and new ways. Think your own thoughts.
This personal journey   has brought meditation and grounding practices into my life ( and much more). Taking life one day at a time and living in the present is also key... There is so much to out there to know and to learn...Praying involves  sending out messages while meditating opens  the mind up to receiving messages.... Practicing both each day strikes a good balance. 
~ Blessed Be~



Saundra said...

I so wish I could accomplish that and have tried, really. But just as some nights when sleep is beckoning me my brain won't shut off. In the past when I've tried meditation and focusing on my breathing or listening and in my mind watching waves flow in from the beach my mind does a U-turn to parts and thoughts unknown. Saundra

TheCrankyCrow said...

Great post Tina...I especially love the way you described the distinction between praying and meditation...messages out and opening up to receiving messages. I have serious issues with insomnia. As tired as I can be, I lie down and my "monkey mind" (love that part too LOL) takes over and the chatter becomes deafening. While I do find that a good sound machine with waves sometimes helps, the one that helps the most is the focused meditation/breathing/clearing of the mind. So many truths in your words...I only wish more would see/read/absorb them. This world would be so much better if more people "thought their own thoughts." ~Robin~

Unknown said...

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