Monday, September 14, 2020

~Tea for me~

  I am usually at
my worst when I reach for hot tea...Normally, I head straight for the iced version! 
Unfortunately,  I  have been suffering through
ragweed allergies  for the last two weeks ...A strange something that never affected me before as I used to strictly be a Spring allergy girl! 

These days my attitude  may be a little  down & out  because of all of the Day Quil I have
ingested or maybe from  the numerous boxes of tissues I have used while feeling sluggishly unmotivated.
 However,  I always look forward to a nice, warm cup of
tea in the morning ~ with honey and lemon. My spirits are
lifted and my head congestion lessens for
is an indescribable little joy. If you are feeling sick, or  just sick of allergies, and need some
comforting,  reach for a warm cup of tea...You will feel much better...I guarantee it!

Tea~ I love ya!


TheCrankyCrow said...

I love love love ice tea....but have never developed a taste for warm tea. I tried several varieties and versions in college, but always inevitably retreated to coffee of some form. Warm tea just "sounds" comforting though, while coffee doesn't have that same allure LOL. Hope you kick those allergies soon. ~Robin~

The Burlap Owl said...

I loved coffee in my younger days and used to have a mega cup every morning.
For some odd reason, my taste changed and now I rarely drink coffee. I guess that's
why tea is so agreeable...but I do only drink black tea...the others are too weak for me.
This is probably too much information but blogs are about the little everyday things there you go.
Thank you so much for reading my postings. I am trying to get back into blogging but
sometimes it's hard to think of something to say...I think I reached my peak about ten
years ago! lol