Thursday, October 8, 2020

~ Autumn Years~


Seasons are always moving along...We are born in Spring and those
years are filled with finding  out  who we are and how
people see us and treat us ... Next,  we mature into young adults and we
learn how to think for ourselves and attract people to us who think 
like we do... and when  they like us...  they unknowingly  help us journey into the next phase...Our
Summer  years are spent  finding a mate, having a kid or two, getting a mortgage and 
paying bills... btw, this intense phase goes by in a blur ...Before you know it,
the kids are all grown and the joy of having them around turns into the joy
of having them come by for a visit  or holiday.

When  we reach our Autumn years we feel free to do and think
what we want because we have lived a full  life strewn with highs and lows.
Good and bad feelings have happened to us and left their imprint inside our hearts and souls.
We have lost our youth, family and friends to the constant  flow
of time and we have seen and done all we need to do to
be happy and strong in body and  spirit ...This is  the time when we focus on what
makes us the most  happy  ~ and we know how to obtain what we want!  It is 
also  when memories of the good times that we had 
growing up and the events and people  that shaped our life return ...Things that
were taken for granted as we were evolving and were just  shelved internally 
 while we enjoyed the present. 
Memories of my childhood now  flow through my mind...Memories of the
happier days in life... days when there were  no bills to pay...home was filled
with warmth and  joy and family was always gathered around...Freedom was free
and life was lived in a minute...

I thought it would be nice to write some memoirs here ~ or the closest I will come to them~
from time to time. I have always been a very private person...I never wear
my heart on my sleeve or show my hand...but  I am finding comfort in
life remembered as it used to be and in recollecting the seasons that got me to this point. 
The world has changed  but  I have always loved Autumn the best!
Stay tuned...


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TheCrankyCrow said...

That is so beautifully and evocatively said Tina!! I am glad you are willing to share your "memoirs" with us and look forward to reading more. This one is spot-on.....Autumn is truly the most beautiful season....and the trees are about to show us how beautiful it is to let things go. ~Robin~