Monday, September 14, 2020

~Tea for me~

  I am usually at
my worst when I reach for hot tea...Normally, I head straight for the iced version! 
Unfortunately,  I  have been suffering through
ragweed allergies  for the last two weeks ...A strange something that never affected me before as I used to strictly be a Spring allergy girl! 

These days my attitude  may be a little  down & out  because of all of the Day Quil I have
ingested or maybe from  the numerous boxes of tissues I have used while feeling sluggishly unmotivated.
 However,  I always look forward to a nice, warm cup of
tea in the morning ~ with honey and lemon. My spirits are
lifted and my head congestion lessens for
is an indescribable little joy. If you are feeling sick, or  just sick of allergies, and need some
comforting,  reach for a warm cup of tea...You will feel much better...I guarantee it!

Tea~ I love ya!

Friday, August 14, 2020

~Turtle Spirits~

 Have I ever told you how much I love turtles? It all started many years 
ago when we discovered our first "yard turtle" casually walking
through the backyard...Turtles are often thought of as slow but actually they
are very fast as they can easily escape when you have to run inside and grab a camera!
 We live in a wooded area and also see  raccoons, opossums, foxes
and deer and  we leave fruit and vegetable scraps  for them to eat and 
try to keep them well  fed. All creatures are welcome here...I often worry about the way that housing
developments just keep popping up and taking their habitats.
 Turtles are symbols of perseverance,  patience and
grounding  & they only travel within a mile radius from their (our) home...
More interesting reasons to like them, these are very noble aspirations.

 Last year I hooked my first primitive turtle rug and  (I am definitely  falling more deeply into my 
turtle obsession...)
I have hooked  another that  will be listed on my website soon...I have turtle
jewelry  that I always wear and turtle figures on my tables and walls ...turtles are now a part of my daily life... This all started on a fateful day long ago when a little (wild) turtle walked 
through my yard and into my heart...
Inspiration is often sparked by little things and  you never know where your muse will lead you...
just follow your heart and create!
Oh, don't even get me started on our "yard squirrels" ! 

Saturday, August 1, 2020

~New Offerings~

My favorite season of the year (Fall) is fast approaching and I
am beginning to awake from my summer slumber...The lighting outside is
as the days grow shorter and the powerful summer sun diminishes into shadows...I am
beginning to see a leaf drop here and there from the trees in
our yard...and the garden is beginning to fade away and dry up.
The birds are quiet as they take a break from their nestlings
and a faint "who" can be heard in the distance late at night...Nature
is slowly evolving for the harvest season that lies ahead.

It's always the little subtle signs that we can choose to see, or
not to see,  as nature quietly sheds her Summer cape for her
Fall cloak. It happens nonchalantly  as we go about our busy life.
 Open your eyes ~  as the rich tapestry is just beginning...

Please drop by and check out my new listings on Early Work Mercantile:

Don't forget about my new website that I am slowly stocking up
with Fall & Halloween:

Thank you for stopping by!

Friday, May 31, 2019

~New Web Store Open ~

After much irritation and frustration, I am distancing myself
from Etsy. They really pushed me to my limits on my last sale
when they waived my shipping fee to my customer without telling
me in advance that they would be keeping some of my earnings.
I have yet to see the shipping that they stole from me. I paid for the
customers shipping out of my own pocket. 

I don't mind offering my customers free shipping on my items when I
decide to do it...but I don't like a third party dipping into my funds
without my consent and out of the blue. I started thinking...they have my bank account,
my credit card and they filter my funds and take their ever increasing fees from
my sales ...then they give me a portion of what I earned. I have
never paid them extra to promote my shop all I earn is from
me promoting my items ...and then they dip into it.

I am letting the items that are listed in my Etsy shop time out because I have paid
for them to be there. New items will be listed in my new web store from this
point on...Purchases can be made through Paypal and directly
to me...without the greedy middle man who slaps fees on listings,
renewals, sales and deposits.

I would love for you to stop by and visit my new web store if you get
a's a work in progress right now but new items will be added
there regularly. I will be on my old schedule and will have new listings
every other week.
click my link on the side bar

~ T ~

Friday, April 5, 2019

~Etsy Update~

Every week I try to start a  new rug, doll or painting...always
looking ahead to a new listing on Etsy or Early Work Mercantile.

I am so surprised how quickly one week melds into another 
when  heart & hands are working together. It's a 
wonderfully fulfilling way to spend each day & week...But, beware,
time flies by so quickly!!

New listings are on Etsy...with a new set in the works for
a future update!!