Monday, January 26, 2015

~ Behold Butterscotch! ~

 The work is done and our life is back to normal now. I am so happy to have an improved kitchen ...with hopes of
no more leaks...ever!
 It feels great to have everything back in place and the added bonus
is the brand new color. I think that this is the first time that I have 
ever picked such a bold shade!
I love it and I think I am shifting back over to my colonial side...
In fact, I have plans for my bathroom next...I am already busy
looking for a bold color!  P.S. -and by the way- I did get a lot of rugs hooked last
week and can't wait to start listing them in various be on the lookout!
~Thanks so much for dropping by...and following my mini saga~
Take Care,

Sunday, January 18, 2015

~ The Day Before~

 It has been a long week...filled with plaster and dust.
The kitchen has been plumbed and patched and the ceiling
now looks absolutely great... It's so nice to look up and
not see a hole up there!
This is my bold new color ...Butterscotch!! I had gray on
the walls before and I was so into the neutrals...But this is a
new year and surprisingly, I am feeling more colorful...It is
certainly going to brighten the kitchen up and my blue/gray
primitive cabinets will compliment this new shade. I still love gold and gray together...I can't help it!
I will have new pics in a few days!
Take Care,

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

~ Awaiting ~

 They called today...the ceiling will be ripped out today and
the plumbing will be replaced tomorrow. Life is moving along
and soon this will be a problem of the past...I can't wait!
 In the meantime, I am gathering my wool basket and my frame
so that I can get my "cat mat" finished. Here's a little glimpse of
my W I P ...Along with the kitty that is usually
underneath it!
Have you ever found something that you would love to do so bad...
but there is no one to show you how? I usually am a self-taught
kind of person...that's how I learn...Lots of research and books.
However, this skill has me at a standstill...I would love to learn to knit
or crochet but there are no classes here for me to take.
 I have not given up yet! I am reading tons of books and I also continue to buy beautiful yarn like
this Fisherman's wool  ...  it's a weakness that I have developed.
On the bright side, when I am ready, I'll have plenty
of yarn !!
Take Care,

Sunday, January 4, 2015

~ Disarray! ~

 It's happening again...Last year we went through this with a
major leak that buckled our wood floors.  We muddled through
that and had everything cleaned and replaced and had a relatively
quiet year...until Christmas Eve...and another leak!
 Apparently, these little gray pipes are the culprit...they are
banned now but our house was built when they were "in".
If you have them... Uh Oh!
I am finding my "happy place" in order to get through repairs this time.
The next few weeks will be spent listening to hammers and
saws and loud machinery...Luckily, the problem isn't as intense as before. See,
there is always a silver lining to everything.
In the meantime, I imagine that I will get a lot of rugs hooked while waiting!
Take Care,

Friday, December 26, 2014

~ Peace and Joy~

 Another Christmas day has come and gone ...It was a day filled
with surprises, contentment and family.
Sometimes, it's the small events that make it special...
 Sometimes, it's the little things that catch your the wonder
of a shiny Christmas bulb that almost got away...or your cat in
hot pursuit!
Sometimes, it's just the joy of watching a non-stop marathon of your favorite story...
which happens to be based on your favorite book series! I hope you all had a
wonderful Christmas too and find peace and joy in the little things.
They are bigger than you think!
Take Care,