Sunday, December 14, 2014

~ Wool Cat! ~

 Today was a very relaxing and enjoyable day...I pulled my
wool basket out and finished up a design that was left over from Fall.
Sometimes I have to walk away and then come back. I just make up
designs and colors as I go along...Planned?...Never!!
 Once I got settled and pulled out my colors, Tabitha appeared...I think that
she can smell the wool!
 As she looked over the wool,  I could see her sniffing and a faint little
drool form in the corner of her mouth...She was here to stay!
 I thought I would chronicle what I must go through every time that I sit down
to hook...She always loves laying or sleeping on my main colors...Colors
that are crucial to my creativity!
 After napping, she woke up... out of curiosity... and pulled herself under my frame...She is a
very well fed kitty so there is not a lot of extra room under there! Yes,
you could say that she may be a little spoiled...
Naturally, it was sleepy time once again...only this time  it was underneath my frame!
That was when I just gave up and
watched television for awhile because these are usually just power naps...
and then I can get back to work...eventually!
I don't know what I would do without my little wool kitty!!
Take Care,

Monday, December 8, 2014

~ Christmastime~

 Today was a nice gray winter day...the perfect time to pull out
the greenery and start getting ready for Christmas. Yes,
we have pumpkins as part of Christmas decorations...doesn't everyone?!
 A simple angel and greenery is great for old cupboards like this...I am
finding out each year that less is best in decorating!
 This old cabinet has been spruced up with a little greenery
and a little simple!
 This year the mantle is dressed for winter...actually, it's decorated
to match the old cabin picture that I just bought! Pumpkins
are here too...maybe I should spray them red or green?
 Tabitha has followed me everywhere today...can you find her?
Sometimes all I can see are her eyes!
We put the tree up early this year...the day after Thanksgiving. It has all
of our silver and cream bulbs on it and all of my bird ornaments from
over the years. I love this time of year!
Take Care,

Thursday, December 4, 2014

~ Hello Dolly! ~

Well, much was accomplished today...I finally turned my attention to my poor neglected website. I have been wanting to update it for quite awhile but just haven't had the stars align as they did today! I am so happy to have
some of my great new dolls listed there.
I will be working on some other categories on the website and will be giving them a facelift too...I am so hooked
on rug hooking right now and that is taking up most of my time...I have some great ideas and a new rug on the frame...I'll be posting again soon!
Please drop by my website if you get a chance
and take a look at my girls:
Take Care,

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

~ Etsy ~

New update on Etsy...Please drop by and take a look !!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

~ Ole Time Christmas Show ~

Hope to see you here!!