Friday, October 19, 2018

~ New Etsy Listings~

I have been  very busy lately trying to keep my Etsy shop
filled & updated regularly...Please drop by and take a look...
many more items on the way!


Thursday, October 11, 2018

~ Refresh & Renew~

Sometimes all we need is a new look to be motivated and inspired...
whether it's a new outfit... a new piece of jewelry...
or a new set of blog graphics!!
I realize that in today's world the blog is a's easier to type
incomplete thoughts or snippets that only you know what you are
talking about online ...sometimes I'll find a sentence on twitter or FB that
leaves me scratching my head and saying...what does that mean?
...the person just puts out a random thought that is neither here nor there.
That is why I am  coming  back to my blog ...because sometimes it's better 
to connect complete thoughts and ramble in a format that is
easy to understand!!
I want to thank Sara from Graphic Pretties for working with me and
assembling my new graphics for this blog and for new Early Work Mercantile graphics too...
Please visit her website and check out her creations :

~Blessed Be~

Friday, April 6, 2018

~ Under the Canopy ~

 Spring would not be Spring here without  colorful Azaleas in bloom...
After a cold and gray winter, these beautiful bushes brighten up our
view with bright splashes of color.
 We have them growing in our backyard beneath our trees...
a wonderful pop of color under a canopy of leaves...

 Beautiful shades of light pink & dark pink lighten up our ever changing landscape...
slowly swallowing up the drab colors of winters past.
 After the old brown leaves are cleared from Fall, leaving the
ground clean, we often find shards of glass and broken plates under the trees ...
They continue to surface every year... We have found old colored glass bottles and 
chips of plates and cups...  The neighbors say that our land was
all woods...I would like to think that there may have been a cabin here long ago and we
are slowly finding puzzle pieces in remembrance of  a pioneer  family's  simple way of  life many, many uncharted  years ago.
*There is a very small shard of pottery in the photo above*
~ T ~

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

~ Gray Days ~

It's a cold gray day here ...with rain in the forecast for this evening.
When I was small, I loved days like this when it was possible to stay inside
and focus on making, creating and reading. Of course , I loved to play outside too
and would ride my horse over the hill and sit and watch and listen
to the world  and soak in the sunshine ...just a peaceful and quiet way to connect with
nature and all of her sounds and sensations...these routines kept me centered.
Now I am older and have a grown family and a loving husband...
I no longer have my horses or live on the farm where I grew up...
I still like these cold and gray days because they still seem to be the perfect time
to create and read and focus ...Times change but then they don't change...
I still find comfort in those quiet moments when I can find my center and
heal my soul... Joy is what makes you happy and content...a quiet mind
is a blessing sometimes...meditate.
Stay true to yourself...those cold gray days are a time to
grow inside and blossom within.

~ Blessed Be~

Friday, February 2, 2018

~ Seeing Red! ~

It's February and I am seeing dresses, red signs, red
boxes and red hearts!!
Please drop by my Etsy Shop and check out my

~ T ~