Friday, May 31, 2019

~New Web Store Open ~

After much irritation and frustration, I am distancing myself
from Etsy. They really pushed me to my limits on my last sale
when they waived my shipping fee to my customer without telling
me in advance that they would be keeping some of my earnings.
I have yet to see the shipping that they stole from me. I paid for the
customers shipping out of my own pocket. 

I don't mind offering my customers free shipping on my items when I
decide to do it...but I don't like a third party dipping into my funds
without my consent and out of the blue. I started thinking...they have my bank account,
my credit card and they filter my funds and take their ever increasing fees from
my sales ...then they give me a portion of what I earned. I have
never paid them extra to promote my shop all I earn is from
me promoting my items ...and then they dip into it.

I am letting the items that are listed in my Etsy shop time out because I have paid
for them to be there. New items will be listed in my new web store from this
point on...Purchases can be made through Paypal and directly
to me...without the greedy middle man who slaps fees on listings,
renewals, sales and deposits.

I would love for you to stop by and visit my new web store if you get
a's a work in progress right now but new items will be added
there regularly. I will be on my old schedule and will have new listings
every other week.
click my link on the side bar

~ T ~

Friday, April 5, 2019

~Etsy Update~

Every week I try to start a  new rug, doll or painting...always
looking ahead to a new listing on Etsy or Early Work Mercantile.

I am so surprised how quickly one week melds into another 
when  heart & hands are working together. It's a 
wonderfully fulfilling way to spend each day & week...But, beware,
time flies by so quickly!!

New listings are on Etsy...with a new set in the works for
a future update!!

Thursday, January 31, 2019

~ Winter Watchers~

 Winter weather this year hasn't been  pretty...
 The temperatures have been colder  and we have had  a lot of blustery
winter days...
 That is why I love to fill the bird feeders and watch the little birds as they eat
to their hearts equals warmth.& entertainment.
Yard Kitty is also drawn to this spectacle...she is mesmerized
by these little winged creatures swarming the feeders...
but for a completely different reason!!  lol

Stay Warm!

Friday, January 4, 2019

~ A New Gift ~

              The  new year ahead is a gift...another year to hope and dream
and another year with family and friends. 
I have learned from the past not to make resolutions for the
new year but rather to take each day and try to make improvements
and bring bad habits in check. Then I am much easier on
myself and still feel more  in control.
I do have many  creative plans, hopes and dreams that I would
love to accomplish by years end ...hooked rugs, paintings
and a new family of dolls are always where I find my
center , balance and peace.
Find what you love and do it...Never say never ...and an extra chocolate
chip cookie is pure bliss and not a reason to 
get hysterical! lol

Open your gift of a new year and enjoy it!!


Wednesday, November 28, 2018

~ Belsnickels~

 I fell in love with Belsnickels many years ago...
I love the twinkle in their eye ...
 and the Old World charm that they exude...
 I like the tinsel and the glitter...
 as well as, the simple and plain.
 They may have even inspired a rug or two!
They are jolly old fellas  who fill my house with warmth and
yuletide cheer & I always try to find a new one each year!