Tuesday, March 6, 2018

~ Gray Days ~

It's a cold gray day here ...with rain in the forecast for this evening.
When I was small, I loved days like this when it was possible to stay inside
and focus on making, creating and reading. Of course , I loved to play outside too
and would ride my horse over the hill and sit and watch and listen
to the world  and soak in the sunshine ...just a peaceful and quiet way to connect with
nature and all of her sounds and sensations...these routines kept me centered.
Now I am older and have a grown family and a loving husband...
I no longer have my horses or live on the farm where I grew up...
I still like these cold and gray days because they still seem to be the perfect time
to create and read and focus ...Times change but then they don't change...
I still find comfort in those quiet moments when I can find my center and
heal my soul... Joy is what makes you happy and content...a quiet mind
is a blessing sometimes...meditate.
Stay true to yourself...those cold gray days are a time to
grow inside and blossom within.

~ Blessed Be~

Friday, February 2, 2018

~ Seeing Red! ~

It's February and I am seeing red...red dresses, red signs, red
boxes and red hearts!!
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~ T ~

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

~ Etsy Listings~

New year = New Primitives!!
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~ T ~

Thursday, January 4, 2018

~ New & Improved ~

A cold winter has us in its grip...we just had at least 4 inches
of snow overnight as a nor'easter passed along our coast...an
unheard of event for our coastal area... temperatures
have barely made it above freezing for a week.
It's the perfect time to snuggle up with baskets of wool and
teapots filled with Earl Grey...time to focus on current projects
and to dream of what is to come...
I always love this time of year when snuggling is a daily event and
the crisp, cold air wakes up my senses... I always find myself lost in my 
rug hooking and sewing my dolls...These simple pleasures
seem to take on a new meaning... a fresh start to creativity
along with a new peace within.
A new & improved clean slate to build a new year is upon us...
Enjoy and create the year of your dreams!

~ T ~

Thursday, December 21, 2017

~ Merry Wynter ~

 Wynter has just begun and Christmas is nearly here...the year
seems to go by so quickly as we get older...January begins and before you know it,
it's Halloween and then Christmas...
The house is all decked out in it's finery awaiting the next few days
when Santa will arrive... a few short days and this Christmas will be
 a happy memory of time spent with friends and family... Christmas
is, after all, a state of mind and heart... a second Thanksgiving for us to
be thankful for all we have and to love those we hold dear... "Take them
in your arms and hold them tight" ... a line from my favorite movie...
"The Bishop's Wife "

~ Merry Wynter Wyshes ~

*** T ***