Wednesday, November 28, 2018

~ Belsnickels~

 I fell in love with Belsnickels many years ago...
I love the twinkle in their eye ...
 and the Old World charm that they exude...
 I like the tinsel and the glitter...
 as well as, the simple and plain.
 They may have even inspired a rug or two!
They are jolly old fellas  who fill my house with warmth and
yuletide cheer & I always try to find a new one each year!


Friday, November 2, 2018

~ November~

 I always feel glum this time of the seems as if
the transition from Fall into Winter is not as appealing as the joyful 
journey into the vibrant oranges, rusts and golds of September
and October...
 The world outside has already begun this process...shedding it's vibrancy
to hunker down and endure the cold days ahead...
 Our kitty is beginning to look a little fluffier...her winter coat has already begun
to sprout...
 Plants that used to spill over their pots during the 
warm & humid, summer heat are beginning to shrink and
lessen in size...They know that the winter sun is not that 
We go through this process every year and nature helps us adapt
to the frigid temperatures ahead and the long, dark, winter nights by
showing us that beauty can be found in browns and grays for now ...because
the vibrant colors and the robust growth always  lies just ahead.
Although I don't look forward to this cold and dark season, I am thankful to 
also adapt to it's harshness because I know that new warmth & tranquility  starts  long before
Spring's arrival inside and outside ... Therefore, I take this time to snuggle with my fur babies
and warm my hands with my woolens  and a bottomless cup of hot tea. 
Enjoying the gift of life.

~ T ~

Thursday, October 25, 2018

~ Tabitha's Dilemma~

 As we move further into Fall and away from Summer, the house
is growing cooler and darker...Our large windows are like incubators in the
Summer with sunshine and warmth pouring into the house...luxuriously warm & cozy...
a cat paradise.
House kitties that used to bask and roll in the abundant warmth and light
are now sitting patiently at the windows wondering why it's so
dark and cold...
 Sometimes enterprising but cold kitties can find warmth in the 
strangest places...even if it requires a little shape- shifting...
But I know, deep down, that they are anxiously awaiting for the space heaters
to magically appear once again... & judging by the won't
be much longer...brrr!


Friday, October 19, 2018

~ New Etsy Listings~

I have been  very busy lately trying to keep my Etsy shop
filled & updated regularly...Please drop by and take a look...
many more items on the way!


Thursday, October 11, 2018

~ Refresh & Renew~

Sometimes all we need is a new look to be motivated and inspired...
whether it's a new outfit... a new piece of jewelry...
or a new set of blog graphics!!
I realize that in today's world the blog is a's easier to type
incomplete thoughts or snippets that only you know what you are
talking about online ...sometimes I'll find a sentence on twitter or FB that
leaves me scratching my head and saying...what does that mean?
...the person just puts out a random thought that is neither here nor there.
That is why I am  coming  back to my blog ...because sometimes it's better 
to connect complete thoughts and ramble in a format that is
easy to understand!!
I want to thank Sara from Graphic Pretties for working with me and
assembling my new graphics for this blog and for new Early Work Mercantile graphics too...
Please visit her website and check out her creations :

~Blessed Be~