Friday, January 25, 2013

~ Frosty Air ~

 We have been so lucky. Just last week we had temps in the 70's and I actually needed to turn the ceiling fans on one day... I never would have guessed that we would be freezing this week!!
We are in an Artic blast now that is supposed to stick around for another day or two. Today we had temps in the 20's and a mixture of sleet and freezing rain to deal with...
This is our sweet little "Yard Kitty" who came with this house...She has adopted us and is a constant concern of mine when the weather gets cold and nasty like this...She stays outside because  she is wild. She does what she wants to do and No one here will ever be brave enough to try to pick her up!!  I made her a little bed on our porch to keep her warm tonight ...Hoping and wishing she will stay there...but we all know how cats are.
Take Care,


Jessica @Blessings in the Country said...

Oh I hope Yard Kitty stays warm! She's got a nice coat on, pretty kitty.

Primitive Stars said...

Evening, Yard Kitty is so pretty, glad you offer her some kindness, hope she curls up on the warm bed you gave her....Blessings Francine.