Sunday, December 19, 2010

...Caught in a Snowstorm...

Last week I made plans to go see my parents in Virginia and deliver their gifts before Christmas...The way we travel over there is so scenic and peaceful. I'm not one for interstates so I always try to find a way around them! Like I was saying, it's a beautiful drive that takes you through fields of corn and cotton and small towns...On the last leg of our journey, my son came along with me, we have to cross over the mountain and then transfer to the country road that leads to my childhood home...While on top of the mountain, the radio started beeping and a weather advisory began announcing a winter storm warning for the area of Virginia we were heading to...three to six inches of snow was on it's way!! My panic button started to go off right about then because my mama and sister had both told me several times with reassurances that they were just expecting a "dusting" of snow from this storm...they were so wrong!!
We made it there safely and later that night the snow began to fall...and fall, and fall...It snowed all day the next day too... Being born and raised in Virginia, we would only hope and wish for a snowfall like this in my youth . Back then, we never got one! ...Thanksgiving and Christmas both were usually mild in the 50's and sometimes rainy too...Compare that to now and it's like night and day...They seem to get socked regularly...

Where was I? ... Oh yeah, we were plastered by that storm and stuck upon the hilltop that they live on...Their driveway was covered and only a four wheel drive could navigate it...I have a minivan so I just sat there for a day watching the thermometer and hoping for a few hours above freezing to melt some of the mess!! In my youth, I would have driven a motorcycle up and down that hill...while blindfolded!! I can tell I'm getting old though because my wisdom and mortal fear made me extremely cautious about driving down the driveway ... and impatient too! I hate it when my plans have to be changed... However, with a new winter storm threatening the area between my house and my parents house, I knew I had to leave... To make a long story short, I made it down the hill shakily but safely and had to take the interstates home for fear of slick country roads... All in all, I was only delayed a day and it was very pretty seeing the snow fall... I'll attempt another trip after spring thaw!!
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ctlogcabin said...

Glad you made it home safe & sound Tina. Wishing You & Yours a Blessed Merry Christmas. xox