Monday, April 26, 2010

...Return to Sewing...

It was so wonderful to get back into the sewing room today. I had lots of "needed" company because all three cats followed me upstairs. I normally close the door to my room when I'm not in there so getting their little paws in the room is always a treat for them. They all have their favorite spots to curl up and sleep and looking at them makes me want to stretch out and take a nap alongside them!! Keeping a clear head though , I stayed on track and did what I was up there for...Sew!!
I am still working on my first quilt(it's supposed to be a Christmas present). Sadly, this one looks like another "dummy" quilt. It's pretty to look at but there's no way I can quilt this. It's a good thing I've got sooo much fabric!! *LOL* I have got to line up my seams a little better...Yes, I'm a firstborn, a perfectionist and a Type A personality so I want everything to look as even as possible! I'll be starting another quilt top replacement soon and I'll have to kick into fourth gear to get it pieced as soon as possible. I haven't given up hope yet and I'll keep you posted...I'm my own cheerleader...Go Me !!! ... Yeahhh!!!
I did get a couple of dresses together today for some primitive dolls in progress. I'll probably be listing them on "The Primitive Gathering" coming up on May 1st...I haven't thought that far ahead yet ... too preoccupied!!
Take Care,


Meredith said...

have fun with it. Your fabric is folded so lovely in the photo

Doreen said...

I'm working on my first quilt as well! I LOVE yours! You are doing a beautiful job!

Wishing you a fantastic day,