Saturday, December 26, 2009

...Silent Day and Night...

It's over...after all the planning and wrapping and cooking...another Christmas has come and gone... It's also a time for relief, we now have a whole year to go before we have to do this all again!!
I have been working on a wholesale order but I have so many plans for the new year...I will probably be listing on ebay the first of the week and the bunny factory is in full production...
Many thanks to all of you who follow my ramblings and sometimes wise observations...This past year has been a wonderful experience and I value your friendship and your comments! I hope that I find many more wise things to say in the future and that you will check in here to be enlightened...or something like that!! * LOL * Please just check back...okay?
Take Care,

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lovetheprimlook said...

Happy New Year !!! Did you receive my email ?