Wednesday, December 30, 2009

...Winter = Blues...

Christmas has passed and New Years is fast approaching...I can't help but feel a little blue because another year has somehow slipped through my hands. It makes me wonder why we even keep track of time. It passes by whether we are ready for it or not...maybe it would be better if we just enjoyed it as one continuous experience rather than in the quantity of years( I know I'm getting deep...bear with me). I'm convinced that I would be rid of these hum drums if I wasn't made aware that another year is at a close...These are wistful thoughts but I'm a slave to time just like everybody else so I ride out these blues and recover unnoticed...and I blog about them !!!
Tomorrow I need to pick up a nice large head of cabbage for our traditional New Years Day supper. Our traditional supper consists of tons of black eye peas, cabbage and cornbread slathered in butter. The cabbage equals dollars and the black eye peas equals change(coins) and the objective is wealth in the coming year. So you eat as much as you can for prosperity in the new year. This is one of our family's southern traditions. My husband who is originally from way up north( yes, I call him a yankee) had never heard of this...and probably thought my whole family and I were crazy... To make a long story short, he married me and he has been eating this every year for the past 23 years!! *LOL*
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Farm Field Primitives said...

What a great tradition. I guess we don't really have one that we follow. Tomorrow will probably be BBQ chicken wings as we watch the OSU Buckeyes in the Rose Bowl. Maybe this will be the year they win a post season game!!! Hang in there with the winter blues. I know how you feel. Soon the days will be longer and the warm sun will shine for hours. Take care and have a wonderful new year. I just love your blog!!