Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's October!

Wow! Another month has come and gone...where was I? That's a question I like to ask myself when time scoots on by! It's definitely starting to look like fall is well in progress around here...

I've noticed leaves are starting to change on the road to Raleigh. Fall is most definitely my favorite time of the year...I am a fall baby (Sept 24) and when I was a youngin', I would wait anxiously for my birthday...when leaves would change and cooler temps would appear...Now, I'm not so anxious to have these birthdays come around. LOL...but I still love the season!!

Another thing I start to salivate over is the holiday magazines...Since I make dolls and primitives, my seasons have to start earlier than normal. Fall dolls actually start to take shape in July...and Christmas begins now...Anyway, I love the fall and winter magazines and I get very impatient waiting for them to appear on the newstands. Today I picked up Martha Stewarts October's great!! There is so much eye candy in this magazine!! I wish her other issues were as good as her holiday editions!! Sometimes she is a little too elite for my tastes...but not around the holidays ~ she seems to change her format a little...yeah!!

I am working on some Santas for ebay and the website...I hope to get them together and listed soon! Thanks so much for dropping by and reading my humble blog...I hope you will stop back by and be on the lookout for more primitive listings...coming soon!!

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Doreen said...

What a lovely box..and the little pocket below with the little mouser peeking out is just wonderful. I too am working on Thanksgiving and Christmas right's kinda fun to work on the holidays ahead of time..gets you into the spirit of things I think.