Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lamenting Woes...

I hate to say this but the amber glow of Fall is starting to wear off for me...More often than not, Fall speeds in and out of my life in a blur. However, this year is turning out to be a stressful time.

Between the economy, gas, food, and the upcoming election ~ I just feel overwhelmed!! I don't think I have ever had to pinch so many pennies in my adult life as I am doing now... I wish I could have a " do-over" to make life a little easier . I know, I just need to relax and chill. I'll probably wish I had never written such a negative blog in a few hours...I guess sometimes it's just better to get things off of your mind and into print...Hopefully when I click "publish post" my troubles will go too......only wishful thinking!! LOL

We are a resilient people here in the USA. I keep reminding myself that the period I love most in history...the Colonial period...was full of uncertianty, instability, and turmoil...It's beyond me why I would pick such an unhappy time but the people then were made of true grit. We have gotten a little soft in our society and a little too liberal in our thinking...but our spirit for doing the right thing is ingrained in our nature...that's what I am banking on and believing in...the world will continue to spin on its axle and we will continue to go about our mundane life no matter what happens...but I'm hoping for the best!!

Life, Liberty, and Freedom....

Take Care,



Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Tina darlin', know that you are not alone. We are all feelin' the pinch these days. :> (
I literally cringe havin' to go to the grocery store every week knowin' I will spend more and leave with less food.
These are frightenin' times and we may have to do without, but we are strong and we will survive.:> )
God bless...

elphabainwicked said...

Hi Tina! I found your blog and as i have become a fast collector of your work, after reading this post I am so glad I found you.

For reasons as I know hard times are on so many, including myself, it is these reasons I only buy art or dolls from self-representing artist. I buy from the store only things that are needed.

I know I should watch my dimes ro be sending money back home, but when I see something I truly enjoy I just have to have it, because it is one of a kind.

Hang in will be a few years before the economy gets better and nothing will be a quick fix in January.

I always dreamed of opening a coffe/old books shop. I would buy dolls and art to sell, and any extra profit on the items would go back to the artist. Sort of like consignment, but in a different form.

If my dream ever comes true, your art would definitely be one that I would grab.

Thanks for being so creative...