Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer and the Lizard...

Where does the time go? ... This summer is flying by...I have been busy
at times then totally distracted at others. I don't know if I'm malfunctioning or just losing track of time!! LOL My goal this summer was to get far, far ahead of the curve but I guess those few lazy days have slowed my pace and my enthusiasm to a crawl. I do have some new creations in the making so please just be patient with me and my creative rollercoaster!!
My parents will be coming down for a visit this weekend and we have been busy scrubbing and cleaning because my mama can spot a speck of dust on a tick...a mile away!! The kids have been well trained to help tidy up and sometimes I don't know how I would make it without their help. I am very blessed to have such thoughtful teenagers.
As for the lizard that was terrorizing the family...unfortunately he met his demise. He always zigged when he should have zagged and would never cooperate with our efforts to trap him and set him husband is a kind and gentle soul but he was just pushed too far...The plan was to whack him with the broom and stun him so we could remove him from our home...Apparently my husband didn't know his own strength and that's all she wrote for the poor lizard we named "Godzilla"...
I'm finding that life here in North Carolina is full of new adventures (and creatures)...I'm also a little apprehensive about what our next excitement may be!! Until next time...

Take Care,

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