Monday, July 14, 2008

Leapin Lizards!!!

It's been awhile since my last post...I hope everyone is having a relaxing and enjoyable summer.
This summer has been very slow at times but will change drastically starting tomorrow. My son Jacob will be taking a tutorial course up in Raliegh for the next 8 months. It meets twice a week and will require an hour and a half drive one way!! It's gonna be trying at times but you do what you have to do...especially if its your kids...
On a lighter note, we had a big surprise last night after supper...We were getting up from the table and my daughter, Rebecca, screamed "Lizard " !! We all craned our heads and stretched our necks as far as we could(without moving!) to see if we could see it...Next thing you know it darted out from beside the refrigerator and was headed toward the sink...After the screaming died down, my hubby tried to trap it but it kept getting away (they're fast!!)...I had to leave the room because my screaming was upsetting him!! LOL Unfortunately the lizard was never caught and is still in the kitchen somewhere...I used to enjoy the kitchen but now I'm so paranoid when I'm in there...I keep thinking I will look up and see him staring down at me from a ledge or he will run across my foot while I'm washing dishes!! LOL Whew!!
I'm still busily trying to add listings all over the place...New additions will be listed on my website next week and Lemon Poppy Seeds tomorrow...Be sure to check them out!!
Happy Summer!!!
Take Care,

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