Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday Evening...All's Well...

It's not until you try your hand at blogging do you realize that life follows the same routine. My life hits a few road bumps but mostly it's a steady humm...I am by no ways complaining about this...I am a creature of habit and I notice that I seem to stick with my tried and true schedule of doing things on a daily basis. I actually feel upset when I don't follow a similar path each day...
This week I picked up my needle and floss and a great sampler to cross stitch. It's so relaxing and when the kids were little, I turned to this a lot as a stress reliever. I managed to make them each a baby sampler for their walls when they were little babes...I have never lost the love or the need to stitch so it was great to start something I know I will finish this time...unfortunately I have a little pile that I know I will never finish...There are so many great reproduction designs out there now, unlike makes it hard to settle on just one! The desire to finish them is much greater too because they naturally fit into the primitive/colonial look we love. However these are usually long term projects so wish me luck!!
Did I mention, I also need to fit my stuffing and sewing into this? It would be nice to snap my fingers and get everything done that I wanted to do. A little magic would be a great Mothers Day gift!!
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