Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rested and Relaxed

My company has left after a very short but enjoyable visit. We had a great time and we did get to see Beaufort NC. It was such a beautiful place. We are fairly new to NC( July will make our first year here) and I would never have known about this wonderful historic place if it weren't for Early American Life magazine! We rode on the double- decker bus tour and got to see where all of those long ago souls of Beaufort once lived...Blackbeard's former house is in a little neighborhood...can you imagine living across the street from Blackbeard the pirates old home?! I would love it!! They also have such a spooky old cemetery called the "Old Burying Ground". It's got so many interesting stories and gnarly old wisteria and crooked trees covering it. It's your classic scary cemetery and they have haunted tours we are planning to see this fall. We had fun in Beaufort and then headed over to the Morehead City beach. This is one of those well kept secrets ... Everything is so clean and pretty and still rural out there,believe it or not...
The downside is ...I am getting further behind and I can't find my motivation...I didn't get anything done as far as sewing goes ...I'm waiting for something to inspire me...a little inspiration goes a long way!! Until next blog...
Take Care,

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