Thursday, May 15, 2008

Company's Coming!

This has been a pretty busy week. It's been hard to juggle my creative side and my time -consuming housekeeping duties! My parents are coming in for a short visit this weekend and I always like to have a clean house for their visit so we usually get into " details" when we clean. As I mentioned earlier, Mama can spot a speck of dust from a mile away! I wanted to list one of my latest dolls on Ebay this week but it looks like it will have to wait until Sunday or Monday...Please check back...I think she really turned out gotta take a look at her and see what I mean!!
My parents want to go to see the ocean while they're here. They are mountain people...born and raised at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mtns.(me too!) so the ocean is a real treat. I saw an article in my EAL magazine about Beaufort NC. It looks pretty interesting because it's full of history ~ dating all the way back to the 1700's and Blackbeard the pirate was a regular there... We are going to pull out the maps tonight and see how far away it is. This area that we live in now is so neat because it has a lot of pirate history too.( I wish ~ Capt. Jack Sparrow ~ would drop by for a visit. LOL ) We have pirate symbols and pirate names everywhere and so many people have skull and crossbone decals on their cars. I would love to know where they got them~ I want one!
They will be arriving here tomorrow and I have some cooking to do in the morning. I always like to bake a cake or pie when they are coming. Their visits always go by so fast and nothing is better than plenty of cake, coffee and conversation...Until next time...
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