Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gosh Darn It!!

I hate to be a grinch but I really don't care for spring!! It's the time of year when I feel so confused...should I plant or should I create? My heart is twisting and turning trying to figure out what it really wants to do...After the turmoil...I usually end up scrapping whatever I was doing and nothing gets accomplished! So is the story of my life! Inner turmoil...nothing done...woe is me!
I do have a wonderful primitive doll ready to list on Ebay. Plans are to get her listed by Friday.
Mama and daddy are coming down for a visit from VA this weekend so we have been busier than a hornets nest trying to make the house spic and span! Mama is a detail person and she can spot a speck of dirt a mile away!!LOL It will be nice to have company visit even though they never stay very long. On the bright side, the house will be in tip-top clean condition!!
We will be going to see them sometime this summer. It's a 5 hour trip from here to Lexington Va. I sure hope gas prices start going down. It took $60 to fill the minivan yesterday! I couldn't believe it!!! I usually don't complain about these things and just ride it all out...but this is making me worry! Let's hope something good will happen soon...
Take Care,

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