Friday, April 4, 2008

I Missed It !!!

Oh heck! Unfortunately I was not able to get my listing onto Eclectic Artisans this month. I was really looking forward to it. I am in the group and will be in their next show. I can't wait!!I do have Lemon Poppy Seeds coming up on the 15th so be sure to drop over there. Sorry, more plugs... This Ebay fiasco has really shaken my foundation! Nobody likes change...especially me.I had just settled into a comfortable routine, ready to ride the storm. Now with all of the tidbits I'm getting, it's more like a hurricane!! I have just decided to get over it and move forward.I am thinking of moving over to another auction site like wagglepop or something. Afterall, Ebay climbed the ladder to succes over can another site!! I'll let you know so hopefully you can follow me over there. I love the auction atmosphere. I really didn't plan on bringing up Ebay again today. I just got carried away in thought. Please bear with me as I get used to this blogging stuff!!

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