Sunday, April 6, 2008

What Weekend?

Don't you hate how time flies as you get older? You look forward to the weekends for relaxation and family time and before you know's Sunday evening and everybody is getting ready for school and work once again. I had high hopes of catching up and surpassing my "to do" list. I didn''s a long story!
I have a lot of doll parts lying around in boxes that I really wanted to put together. I did manage to get a little sewing in this afternoon. I, at least, got one more step finished on the way to assembling this mountain of future dolls. Dollmaking is a very structured science...there are different steps involved in getting just the right look. It has taken me years of trial and error to come to this conclusion. You leave out a step and you'll eventually go back and do it because some lack of detail might suddenly pop out at you as you sit and wonder why no one likes her as much as you do. Then you think, 'I should have taken that one extra step'. It happens to the best of us. As I get older, I'd rather do the step than go back...I think it's called laziness!
On another note, I will be listing a couple of things on Ebay this week. I know...I said Ebay!
I want to try to list a few more things while we are still in the "Old Rules" era. Things won't be nice after May 1st. Be on the look out for new listings this week on my website too. More goodes are coming!!
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