Thursday, January 4, 2018

~ New & Improved ~

A cold winter has us in its grip...we just had at least 4 inches
of snow overnight as a nor'easter passed along our
unheard of event for our coastal area... temperatures
have barely made it above freezing for a week.
It's the perfect time to snuggle up with baskets of wool and
teapots filled with Earl Grey...time to focus on current projects
and to dream of what is to come...
I always love this time of year when snuggling is a daily event and
the crisp, cold air wakes up my senses... I always find myself lost in my 
rug hooking and sewing my dolls...These simple pleasures
seem to take on a new meaning... a fresh start to creativity
along with a new peace within.
A new & improved clean slate to build a new year is upon us...
Enjoy and create the year of your dreams!

~ T ~

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