Sunday, January 4, 2015

~ Disarray! ~

 It's happening again...Last year we went through this with a
major leak that buckled our wood floors.  We muddled through
that and had everything cleaned and replaced and had a relatively
quiet year...until Christmas Eve...and another leak!
 Apparently, these little gray pipes are the culprit...they are
banned now but our house was built when they were "in".
If you have them... Uh Oh!
I am finding my "happy place" in order to get through repairs this time.
The next few weeks will be spent listening to hammers and
saws and loud machinery...Luckily, the problem isn't as intense as before. See,
there is always a silver lining to everything.
In the meantime, I imagine that I will get a lot of rugs hooked while waiting!
Take Care,

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Sue Berry said...

Dealing with a leak on your ceiling is definitely not the best way to start your year. I hope the plumber and contractor attended to it immediately, and have found a permanent solution to avoid this from happening again.

Sue Berry @ Advanced Appliance Service, Inc