Wednesday, January 7, 2015

~ Awaiting ~

 They called today...the ceiling will be ripped out today and
the plumbing will be replaced tomorrow. Life is moving along
and soon this will be a problem of the past...I can't wait!
 In the meantime, I am gathering my wool basket and my frame
so that I can get my "cat mat" finished. Here's a little glimpse of
my W I P ...Along with the kitty that is usually
underneath it!
Have you ever found something that you would love to do so bad...
but there is no one to show you how? I usually am a self-taught
kind of person...that's how I learn...Lots of research and books.
However, this skill has me at a standstill...I would love to learn to knit
or crochet but there are no classes here for me to take.
 I have not given up yet! I am reading tons of books and I also continue to buy beautiful yarn like
this Fisherman's wool  ...  it's a weakness that I have developed.
On the bright side, when I am ready, I'll have plenty
of yarn !!
Take Care,


Rhonda smith said...

Good morning!!! Love your hooked rug your working for crocheting/knitting, I have attempted knitting its a bit difficult to me, but I do crochet, and have this winter learned other stitches by watching you tube videos, I am a person that learns by watching not type in easy crochet tutorials and you will be amazed the variety of lessons there are...single and double crochet are the easiest.....good luck, keep us updated on the progress...


Tracie Nelson said...

My mom taught me the basics of crochet (slip knot, to do a chain, and single stitch). Once I learned how to do that, I taught myself how do to other stitches. My mom tried teaching me to knit, but she isn't a patient teacher and I'm not a patient student, so it didn't work well. My younger sister knows how to, so I might have her teach me when she visits from Seattle again.