Friday, January 10, 2014

What I Should Be Doing...

I know that I struggle every year to get back on track in January...Let's face it, it always gets busier during the holidays and it's very easy to be worn out when they are all over...especially if you like to create constantly throughout the year and set busy deadlines with virtually no rest in between...then you have a body and mind drain!! ... But it is all worth it!! This is why I am slow to get back in the saddle in January. However, the last few years I have tried my luck in a great February show...It's so nice to visit my sweet mama in Virginia and all of the great people who come to say hello. I especially look forward to catching up with a lot of friends...It's great but it requires bouncing back faster!!
Here's my big problem this year...I am becoming obsessed with my Pinterest boards!! I spent valuable time( pretty much most of the day)  yesterday making new boards and adding to the old ones...Time flies really fast when you are mesmerized with the subjects and photos that you enjoy...I hope to overcome this obsession soon so that I can get some work done!! Please check out all of my hard work if you get a chance...

Take Care,

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NMK said...

I know just how you feel ! It is fun to get lost in Pinterest Land !!! I get too lazy after the hectic holiday season too. I just want to make fun things for the house !!! You're not alone !!!