Friday, January 3, 2014

~ Brrrrrrrr !!! ~

 We have been in a deep freeze today...  Our winter thus far has been very mild and we even had a few humid days scattered here and there . This was a rude really is wintertime!! Fortunately, we don't have snow in the forecast...I don't think we could handle that...It was a great day for baking and  I have been near the warm stove all day baking pies and cupcakes!! I should be sewing for my next show in February...but instead I am playing hooky!
Luckily, there's a great night of television lined up..."Grimm"( 9pm) returns tonight plus "Dead Files"( 10pm) will be doing a story in Radford, Virginia. I was born and raised in Virginia so I always get excited to find out these interesting  ghost stories from my home state!! 

~Stay Warm~
Take Care,

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Primitive Stars said...

No snow, wow!!!! would you like some, :) Happy T.V. watching, Francine.