Tuesday, December 3, 2013

~ A Calamity ~

  We had a major water pipe under the kitchen floor burst back in October. It buckled the wood floor and caused an outbreak of mold in the kitchen wall.
 Serious work has finally begun...We spent last weekend carrying small furniture and all my breakables  upstairs...It was an all day event!! I finally realize how crazy I have been in my collecting quests...I should have stopped with just one!!
 The clean-up crew spent yesterday moving all of our furniture outside into a nice big blue storage bin sitting in our driveway...
 All flooring downstairs is wood and in order for it all to match in the end, the whole downstairs will need to be sanded and stained...
 This is how my downstairs looks at the present. It echoes!!
 Each room has been emptied and we are currently living upstairs...just venturing down for food!
 I am starting to gather my materials for cross stitching and rug hooking since I won't be able to sew while this is going on... Starting a project  will be comforting and a great way to keep my mind busy. I will be posting "after" pictures when everything is finished...I am really looking forward to that!!
Take Care,


Colleen said...

Oh, how awful!! It's such a hassle during the cleanup and redo, but it will be such a relief when it's done.

A few years ago my DH and I almost bought a house that had had mold between the walls when a pipe burst. We didn't know any of this until the full disclosure was presented. We backed out even though walls were taken down, etc. and the poor women had to live in a motel for a month while they redid her house.

Those "collections" seem to accumulate quite easily, don't they..haha. Good luck to you.

The Burlap Owl said...

Thanks Colleen...I will be so happy when this is all over with. :0)

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

WOW! Water diasters are always bad. On the positive side will be like moving into new house. And an opportunity to select the things which you really love and let someone else love the others

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