Wednesday, March 20, 2013

~ A Sunny Stroll ~

 Today was filled with lots of sunshine and a little nip in the air...Temperatures couldn't top the 70 + degree day that we had over the weekend but it was pleasant nonetheless...

 The bright sun made it hard to stay inside and not  take a look at the new bulbs we planted last Fall...They are all shooting out of the ground in such beautifully bright shades...Our grass is still dull but these little pockets of color seem to add optimism to the gray landscape...I can't wait to see these tulips open up!
I also had to take a look at my old friends scattered around in urns and clay pots ...They have been with me since last November and they still look just as bright and cheery as they did throughout the short days and cold nights of  winter. Now they are basking in the warm  sunlight and probably breathing a sigh of relief.
~Happy Spring~
Take Care,


The Moonlit Stitch said...

Oh I can't wait to see grass, gonna be a while yet. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures! ~*~

NMK said...

So pretty....can't wait to see these around here....we still have snow cover ,UGH

Anonymous said...

Spring for you is starting to sprout but here we have snow and are under a winter advisory..I know Spring is around the corner..Hoping it gets here soon..