Monday, March 18, 2013

~ The Gatherer ~

 I am taking a little break from doll making. I have a show in I have a little time to clear my thoughts and think more  creatively. The trouble is, I have noticed that I have become a "Gatherer"...I am collecting everything any fiber artist would need or want. I just bought these two cross stitch charts. So naturally, I had to gather all of the DMC floss on each chart. By the way, I am hoping to start one of these this year!!
 In addition to floss, I have a growing wool collection. After  discovering it comes in so many beautiful shades and is so readily available... I decided that I really wanted to teach myself how to do this wonderful art...So I have an ongoing stash of wool now!!!...Oh and please don't get me started on fabric...I love, love,  love, working with that too and have a substantial supply on hand. However, through the years I have gotten wiser , I only buy reproduction fabric now so it never goes out of style...You live ~  you learn!!
Finally, this is  EeeBee she is one of the cats in my cat collection!! I think that when you find something that makes your heart sing, you should by all means start a collection and don't let anyone tell you that it's silly...It makes you happy and that is all that counts !!
Take Care,


backporchcarver said...

I am so happy to hear someone else who does that. I just started doing cross stitch,so, must get all that floss,and oh my...there are so many beautiful colors.Yes if it puts a same on your face and makes your heart sing then you should do it.

Mary A said...

Well, if "collecting" cats makes people happy, then I'm deliriously happy. I have 5. Except for one, the rest are rescues from this recession. Oh, and I'm singlehandedly pulling us out of the recession by buying all the needlework materials I can get my hands on...:) Mary A