Thursday, October 18, 2012

~ Transitioning ~

Times are always busy here...I don't think I am necessarily bad at time management...It just seems as if there are just less and less  hours in each day ... Every day I follow the same routine. I do my computer work in the morning, eat lunch and then go upstairs to my little  room in the attic and get in a few hours of sewing...I have been trying to keep to this schedule because I have a show coming up in late November in Virginia ... Unfortunately, I am always behind for shows (such as this one) because too many ideas pop up while I am deciding what to make and naturally I think that I can get them all finished and ready to  go !!
I have been  working  on Santas and snowmen lately  and thus starting the transition into winter/Christmas.... My Fall season begins in July and usually runs into September so I am not feeling those autumnal vibes anymore...Instead, I am thinking of where to find cedar and pine for my mantel!  Luckily, transitioning into the winter season is so much easier than autumn when I seem to be way ahead of the stores...I am already seeing signs of Christmas where I shop and I can't wait to see that first Christmas commercial on television... Yes, I still get excited, even at my age !
I will be adding new items to my Etsy shop next week and will have to get a few things together for our annual Log Cabin Christmas on Early Work Mercantile in November . So  please check back often ...An update is on its way!!
Take Care,


Theresa said...

Looking forward to seeing your new Christmas goodies. :0)

Doreen said...

I am the same way...far too many hours in the day for all I want to do (and need).

I LOVE this time of year and transitioning into Winter/Christmas is something I would start doing in July if I could!