Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blackbirds and Tomato Soup

Today was another scorcher...around 100 degrees and going outside felt like stepping into an oven. We like to keep our two birdbaths full of fresh water on these days because the birds walk around outside panting...not a pretty sight! Today I drew a flock of blackbirds into the yard with some old bread and they all had to stop by the birdbath to wet their whistle before flying away...I've noticed when these "flocks" of blackbirds come by...they seem to be a mixture of different types. There's cowbirds, grackles, starlings and many other blackbirds that I would need my bird book to identify...It just looks a little odd that they are composed of such a variety and not just one type...They are all the scavenger-types and I've said many a swear word in their direction when they steal my songbirds seed...However, today I was full of compassion because of the heat index...I guess birds of a feather flock together sums this up nicely!


The tomato soup coneflowers are beginning to open up...each plant varies in color though...One of them seems more orange and the other seems more red but they are coneflowers so I love them no matter what!!

Finally, I've been working on some more pumpkinheads for Etsy and my website...please be watching and I'll let you know when they are posted...Thanks so much for checking them out...and adopting them into your homes...

Until next time...

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TheCrankyCrow said...

4 and 20 blackbirds, hey? Your tomato soup coneflowers looks really interesting - I bet in a grouping they'd be stunning. Can't wait to meet your new pumpkin heads! Wishing you cool breezes....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Pretty pictures~ love them tomato cones!!!