Friday, May 20, 2011

~ A Day to Chillax ~

Thank goodness it's Friday!! Since my last post (above), I have had an additional flat tire (on a different car) and my washer died on me in the middle of a full load of towels!!...I feel exhausted at this point...mentally, emotionally and physically!! It seems as if I have spent days on the phone and at the FAX machine and on the road for repairs...These are all things that can be managed...I just hate them all happening so close to each other...and to me!!...I am a Libra, I like balance...


Today, I made it to the attic to work on a new quilt idea...I am feeling a little more comfortable with my rotary cutter and ruler now...Since I'm not a math person, all the fractions and precise cuttings drive me nuts and sometimes scare me away ...that's why I thought I would make my own simple quilt own recipe!! I have picked out the, cream and pink and the look..."old-timey"...Now to just get all the seams to match up!!


Saturday I'll be going to the new JoAnn's store that just opened up here!! I am so happy that they finally decided to bring one here...Boy, have I missed JoAnn's... It was a bad habit that I couldn't break at one time...I was an addict...time to fall off the bandwagon!!

~ Wishing you a great and relaxing weekend! ~

Take Care,



Roberta said...

For some reasons it seems like those little problems all happen at once and it is frustrating. Hope things settle down for you and enjoy your trip to JoAnn's! ~Roberta

TheCrankyCrow said...

Loving your quilt color choices, Tina! Hope the spell breaks for the better soon! Smiles & Hugs, Robin