Tuesday, April 5, 2011

~ Calmness~

This morning we awoke to a powerful wind and a heavy rainfall...A strong cold front had been working it's way west to east... and being along the coast, we were it's last stop before drifting out to sea...I'm glad it lost some of its punch before reaching us!


Amazingly , the wind and the rain and distant thunder and lightening early this morning gave me a little quiet time to think of nothing ...and everything...Finding a quiet place to sit while storms rage on outside is always something that I do...Partly out of fear(I hate lightening) and partly to watch and listen...Ironically, it's very relaxing and clears away stress...


Thankfully the front eventually moved on and we were graced with a beautiful sunny but much cooler day...The birds came out chirping after the storm passed and the blue jays came by to finish off the cat food outside, as usual! ...My world is calm once again...

Take Care,


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Cobbler Cottage said...

Just saw on the evening news about the terrible weather in your area today. So glad you and yours are safe, Becky