Tuesday, March 22, 2011

~ Splash of Color ~

We have been having unusually warm weather here lately...Today we got up to 82...I think the average this time of the year should be 60...brrr!! Anyway, I spent my day in the attic sewing a box full of dolls and it was actually a little toasty up there ... I have so many things and ideas that I would like to do but there never seems to be enough time in the day!! I think that the older you get...the more elusive Time gets!!
I did have a little time to wander outside and look at the bright beautiful colors we have planted ...They are so vibrant and fresh now and a little color goes a long way in this drab landscape...Hope you had a wonderful day !
~ Flowers are good for the soul... ~
Take Care,

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Green Creek Primitives said...

I love your flowers, things are really blooming here also, it was in the 80's here today also. I think we have skipped spring. At least its not snowing, I love this time of the year. Vicky