Tuesday, January 25, 2011

~Pondering & Puttering & Piddling ~

These cold and dreary winter days have left me on auto-pilot lately...I'm not drawn to any activity that requires critical thinking... Rather, I hone in on things that I just glide through. I like the easy-peasy stuff!! This happens to be the time of the year that I'm the most laid back...and that's good because I usually chart my course and decide the direction that I want to travel during the year...It's a great time for pondering life!!
I have created some new dolls that I will be posting somewhere soon... I'm in a very extremely primitive mood this year so wait until you see what I have done!!! I've also been piddling around with some quilt blocks for my annual attempt at quilting!! I have good feelings about this year...
Please stay tuned to see what all my "pondering, puttering and piddling" brings!!!
Take Care and Stay Warm,


Green Creek Primitives said...

Hi Tina, Piddling ia one of my favorite things to do, I actually get more done that way. Can't wait to see your new doll creations. Vicky

Linda said...

Tina........I like the way you are thinking!