Monday, April 19, 2010

... Hooking Downstairs...

Okay, I have to say I always giggle when I write these hooking titles... I probably blush too...I guess I gotta dirty mind!!
Anyway, because of the hostile fleas holding my sewing machine hostage, I have been working on all the things that I have piled up downstairs. Now, if you would like an explanation of the "hostile fleas", please read previous blog below... getting back on track, I have been teaching myself how to hook and have been practicing a lot lately. It's turning out to be very relaxing and very addicting...I love wool!!!
Here's a little glimpse of the simple hand-drawn design that I am attempting. My loops are getting a little more uniform and things are becoming easier. I do think I might have made my loops too close in the goose body but I'm learning as I go along...Did I mention how much I love the wool?...There's so many colors and textures out there...I'm in big trouble!!
I'm patiently awaiting the Orkin man's call to set up an appointment for this week...I really miss my sewing machine!!!
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