Monday, February 22, 2010

...An Empty Urn...

Do ya ever have one of those weeks when you feel like you're treading and running and plowing forward then you step back only to see that you haven't really gotten as far along as you thought?...That's the story of my present life. I feel like I have been doing things but there's nothing I can show for it...It's total exasperation for me!! Today I will be organizing my taxes and arranging a visit with the dreaded tax man...This is something I have clearly been avoiding!! I dread it but feel so much better once it's over and done with for the year...If I were a psychologist, maybe I could connect these things together...maybe?
I am trying to finish up some primitive rabbits for The Primitive Gathering for March...treading, running, plowing...I hope to have them ready ... on time... I have been gathering all the materials I need to begin my first ever Izannah Walker doll. The body should be easy enough but the sculpted paper mache head will be my challenge...I will be starting her this week...Many and much to do!!
We have a wonderful week ahead~ Make yours the best! Thanks so much for visiting my always very humble and always very primitive blog...
Take Care,

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