Sunday, December 6, 2009

...Memories in Black and White...

It's that time of the year again when the wonderful old Christmas movies flood AMC and TCM. I look forward to watching them and dreaming of the "simpler times" that they represent... However, I was just thinking the other day as I was watching "A Christmas Carol". The actors in those films were living then as we are living now...With uncertainty in the White House and communist/fascists raising their ugly heads once again and war raging on...They were fighting the same battles we are...These movies were made to uplift the people of that era and portray the love of family and of country and God (not a dirty word back then)...and they did...We still watch them today for the very same reason...
Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers are two of my very favorites. Their movies make me laugh and are full of subtleties that are lacking in films today...I can't wait to watch "The Bishops Wife" tonight. If you've never seen is about God and the strength of the human spirit and the goodness in's truly a movie that should be running every day of the year...We need to unite not diversify...In these old movies, everyone unites for the good of mankind and I think that is one of their strongest appeals...
I hope I haven't bogged you down with my preaching today...This is the time of year...bigger than that...the time in history for our generation to unite for the freedoms we currently enjoy and watch in those "simpler times" on the screen...and don't be afraid to say "Merry Christmas" anymore...they weren't!!
Take Care,


ctlogcabin said...

Great Post Tina !!
EnJoy all the "Old Movies" ... I know I do, and
Merry Christmas My Friend !!!
Hugs from CT ~~ Connie xox

Sara~Graphic Pretties said...

Love this post Tina!! Like you I love watching the old movies at this time of year... you made some great points!! Things were not perfect then and they certainly are not now!
I love the old Christmas Carol with Reginald Owen
Christmas in Connecticut
Holiday Inn
The Shop Around the Corner
To name a few :)

I do think people are waking up to what is going on in DC.. let's just pray more wake up and it's not too late!!

Merry Christmas Tina!!