Monday, December 14, 2009

...Meet Yard Kitty...

Here's a member of our family that I rarely mention...we call her Yard Kitty... The people who once lived in our house just left her...I would never leave any of my animals and it's hard for me to understand how anyone else would...especially considering her warm personality...
It took her about a month to fully trust us when we moved that we have her trust, she bumps up against us and rolls and purrs...She is an outside cat however and she still has a wild streak ... She fends for herself but is lucky to have a bunch of cat lovers like us watching out for her !! I often wonder what could have happened to her if someone else had moved in here and ignored her...I guess we were sent here for a reason...yard kitty!
The Lord works in mysterious ways...
Take Care,


Linda* ~ TheKeepingroom said...

We too have yard kitties....a family of four who live under our shed. All yard kitties need someone to kove them.
Christmas Blessings,

Linda* ~ TheKeepingroom said...

"love them "that is...sorry for the typo...:0

kim said...

Oh you got a terrific Maine Coon! I love these cats they are survivors and lovers! How lucky for you both!
take care

ctlogcabin said...

Hi Tina ~~ Your Yard Kitty is very cute.
Wishing You & Yours a Blessed Merry Christmas.
Hugs ~ Connie xox

WoolenSails said...

What a sweet kitty, it is a shame that she was abandoned, but good that she has you. There used to be an old stray in our back yard and for some reason, my old guy took to him and would watch over him.