Monday, November 2, 2009


Okay, here's where you're gonna think I'm off my rocker...I was born and raised in the country until I met and fell in love with my hubby and moved away...He is a city boy and he has drug me around these great states with his various jobs...But let's get back to the heart of this posting, I grew up in the country and I love nature and astrology and I have a great respect for all of it ...However, all of this has no effect on my excitable nature...I get so excited by the ordinary...I'm just very demonstrative( I point and jump a lot) and overjoyed at the little things in life and nature...
We live in a wooded area and I have known that we have an owl here...I've thought I heard him before and I have strained my ears many times trying to hear him outside our closed home...Tonight I finally got it right and snuck out on the screened porch to listen...Nothing is greater than hearing that peaceful sound...All I could think about was how in the early days, this must have been no big deal...It's such a huge deal now because the woods and farmlands are slowly disappearing to developments and these creatures don't have the free reign that they used to ...Hearing him hoot in the trees behind our house has made my evening~ it was such a thrill! ...I hope he lives back there somewhere!!...See~ I told ya ~ I just get tooo excited!!
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