Wednesday, November 4, 2009

... Mantle Mania ...

With another Halloween over and gone...It's time to pull out the turkeys and rearrange the pumpkins...Pumpkins play a dual role in the fall. When you place them beside a witch ~they complete the scare. However, when you place them beside your turkey, they make you feel warm inside and envision a wonderful Thanksgiving meal...they are the very backbone of the fall season...I keep mine for as long as possible...
I have been very busy pulling out my late fall decorations and rearranging the mantle...I must confess, mantles are my favorite and that's probably why you see so many pictures of mine throughout the year!...I love how my EAL mags always show the mantle when photographing a room...It represents the importance of the room because it's where everyone would gather around in the heart of winters harshness to keep warm or eat...Nowadays it's just a wonderful little spot to convey the feeling you want when you enter the room...I usually rearrange mine several times before I get it right...I like them simple and balanced...Yes, I take it this seriously!!!
Take Care,