Monday, September 21, 2009

...A Notforgotten Weekend...

The much awaited event at Notforgotten Farm is now history...It was a wonderful experience and Lori was such a warm and sweet person...I feel as if I have known her all my life!! She put together a very successful event and it was very enjoyable to be a part of ...In fact, I am already thinking of next year...if she'll have me back... The one thing I am very disappointed about is that I forgot my photos, darn!
I had the pleasure of meeting some of my sweet ebay customers there(small world) as well as some very nice new customers. It was so great to see so many kindred spirits...Thank you all!!
Even though my weekend was great, my little spotted cat(E.B.) was always on my mind...she is my constant shadow...She follows me everywhere I go... In fact, she is lying here on my computer desk now watching me... We are just inseperable and it's so painful to leave her... I got to rub her little head and listen to her purrs when we got home yesterday(I know, I'm losing it!) ... It's always nice to come home!!
Take Care,


Lori said...

Thank YOU Tina ~ for sharing your family & your beautiful treasures with us all...& no, you're not losing it! I, too, can't stand to be away from my beloved black kitten, Suzy for too long!!!

Blessed be, sweet Friend

Cindy Lu said...

It was very nice meeting you I was set up next to you mountain hollow I hope that you had a good trip home. See you soon!!!