Monday, August 17, 2009

...Busily Missing in Action....

I just happened to be looking on my website today and noticed that the last time I added new stuff was back in May! I didn't realize it had been so long ago. I'm working on an update...I promise...
I have been a little busy as of late trying to get everything together for the upcoming show at Notforgotten Farm in VA next month. It's always in this final stretch when I start adding new things to my "To Do " list. I think I must have added 5 extra things that I want to have finished for the show ...just in the last couple of days!!
My mama(and craft show sidekick) will be going through an operation on her hand tomorrow.
She has carpal tunnel syndrome and has been in a lot of pain over the last year. She wanted to have the operation out of the way so she could sit with me at the show next month...she's a trooper... It takes about a month to recover from the surgery so hopefully all will be okay by September 19 !!
The evening is winding down. It's time to take a bath, watch television and read a little before bed. Tomorrow will be another full day of sewing and painting ...just like today. My living room is covered in doll bodies and doll clothes and fabric is strewn everywhere. My kids and husband will have to be patient just a little while longer while I slowly pull everything together...

Clutter on the floor is much better than clutter on the brain...and I need my wits about me!!LOL
Take Care,

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