Monday, April 27, 2009

...A Fresh Week...

Last week is now history and a new one has begun... My computer has hopefully been fixed and the "mother-thing" was under warranty so that is a silver lining. I'm always a little hesitant to say everything is great because I don't want to jinx myself...
We had a wonderful Saturday. My husbands company had it's annual family picnic. They hold it in a park owned by the company and there's a wonderful view of the ocean. The food was great and we all hopped on a couple of carnival rides. I was sadly brought back to reality when I found out that a ride that was fun at 17 is painful at forty-something! I used to love the tilt-a-whirls but now I think I'll just watch my kids ride them...In the afternoon we went out on a boat ride with a friend for a few hours. He showed us the little coves and shorelines in the area...I was surprised to see so many old farmhouses along the water. North Carolina is such a mix between the old and the new, I'm seeing it everywhere...The grand finale to all this is we happened upon a group of dolpins. This was my first experience with wild dolphins and it was so thrilling! They were all around and would surface and blow air...It was an experience of a lifetime!!
Finally, my geraniums are starting to bloom. Nothing is more beautiful in summer than these flowers. They are always a staple in my summer garden...Speaking of summer garden, we have already seen a couple of snakes so my garden is not very big... I am extremely afraid of snakes!!
Take Care,

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