Sunday, April 5, 2009

...Birds - in - Trees...

I had forgotten how peaceful it is to sit outside and soak up the sights and sounds...We have had a perfectly wonderful Saturday and Sunday here so I have been heading outside each morning with a nice big cup of coffee in my hands. The trees are beginning to bloom and the birds are beginning to sing and nothing is more relaxing. I love birds and have always been interested in what types come to my feeders. I have several bird books and use them constantly to look up the little feathered friends I don't recognize... Here's a very ironic story, I lived in Maryland for six years before moving down here and I was so anxious to see a Baltimore Oriole...I waited and looked all over trying to find one somewhere...but never did...We moved down here to NC and I have an Oriole at my feeder every Spring... I guess the name means nothing!!
I really need a zoom lens but I hope you are able to see my birds in trees!
Take Care,

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Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

What beautiful photos Tina!! Isn't nature wonderful?
So every spring you have a baseball player at your feeder? You lucky gal! :> )
Hee-hee... I must say I cheered out loud when I saw my first Baltimore Oriole here in Central New York! (Not the player, the birdie) What a gorgeous bird!