Saturday, February 21, 2009

..... Off to Sew ...

Saturday mornings always feel great ...there are no time constraints and there's no appointments's almost like a "cushion" day, sandwiched right between a relaxing night (before) and a relaxing day (after)... It's also the time when my internal fight "to sew or not to sew" rages the loudest...I have this small inspirational time every saturday morning when the stars align and I feel so inspired to create... if I don't act on's gone...happens like clockwork!
Today, I'll act on it...I'm headed up to the attic to my sewing room. I have a deadline coming up for The Primitive Gathering and I truly don't want to mess it up... I want to try to get a few pictures of my cozy (and downright hot-in the summer!) little attic room... I have to straighten it up first...Otherwise, it would be hard to tell there's actually a sewing machine in it!!
Have a great weekend ...and act on those inspirational moments!!
Take Care,

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Heather said...

your creations are lovely! So sweet. Best of luck with the show!