Friday, February 27, 2009

..... Hello Weekend! .....

Where have I been? That's a good question... It seems like another week is winding to a close and I'm wondering where it went! I have had a couple deadlines to meet and I am trying to finish up a handful of things to add to my website...throw that in with the two trips to Raleigh each week and it's no wonder I'm so discombobulated!! I hope you are as ready for the weekend as I am..
Tomorrow I plan on starting a couple new dolls and finishing up what I have for the website...It's time to take a shower now and get settled in to watch "Moonlight" on the Sci-fi channel..It's a great rerun of the vampire series that used to run on another network...I love these types of shows...I guess I'm sweet on the outside and dark on the inside!
Here's a picture of my daughters goat "Chunky Chicken". She stays on my parents farm in VA and she is one sassy character...just like my daughter!
Take Care,

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