Saturday, December 20, 2008

....... Saturday~ Then~ Sunday .......

Today was a very busy day....It's saturday so it began much later than during the week!...I can always tell when I have too much on my mind because I always wake up about 6 a.m. thinking we all overslept only to realize that it's the weekend and we're all sleeping later!...I think I move much slower on saturdays too because I piddle around too's so easy for me to get sidetracked these days...and anyday, for that matter but that's another blog!...

I went to the grocery store to get some final ingredients for my baking/cooking day tomorrow...I was going to have everything ready and begin early in the morning ....As luck would have it, Harris Teeter was out of ground husband is from Vermont and he grew up eating meat pies for Christmas...being the goode wife that I am, I got the recipe long ago and have been fixing them every year for the last twenty of our twenty-one years together...Now I've got to take a quick run back to HT in the morning so I can get everything in production...Oh well, life's not easy...if it was, I'd merely snap my fingers and they would make themselves my delight!

I took a few pictures when we went home to my parents farm in Virginia for Thanksgiving...We had a great always flies by too fast...Here's a picture of my mamas spoiled cat having a run in with a little calf and some chickens...He's very cocky and slaps these animals around...It's really funny!!!! Until next time...

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