Friday, November 21, 2008

....A Great Snowy Morning...

We woke up to a very nice surprise this morning....Snow!! Can you believe it? I'm still in shock!!

It was a beautiful sight to see and having been through some major snowstorms in Maryland, I couldn't help but relive a little nostalgia...It would have been nice to have some accumulation, we didn't ...but it did last for a few hours so we got to enjoy it!

Luckily, we did pick up a space heater in Raleigh yesterday and it takes the chill off of watching TV... However, I'll probably have to pick up another...they make them so small and compact now...It looks very impossible for the little fella to be able to heat the big room it's in!! One nice thing is that we will be getting mild again next week...that will help a lot!!

I was laughing to myself this morning after dropping the kids off at school in a heavy snow shower...It reminded me of the rudolph cartoon I watch every year. He has to convince Mother Nature and her two sons to change the weather in their regions for a day...All I could think of was Mr. White Christmas singing and dancing and promising Rudolph a day of snow in the South... I know it sounds silly but daydreams while driving usually are!!

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